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Steroids & Body Fat


Im confused here...one side i hear that most juice will raise your body fat...yet on the other side i read peoples before and after stats after a cycle and see that their body fat has gone down. Which is it?


Well, increased T levels lead to increase muscle mass. Muscle=metabolism, so I would assume that bodyfat would reduce, unless some other variables change, such as eating habits, etc.


In the most basic terms, it depends on if you're doing a cutting cycle or a bulking cycle for the most part. That will be the deciding factor in what drugs you use and how many calories you're taking in. On bulking cycles the caloric intake needed to build a lot of muscle is so much higher than maintenance that there's some fat gain.

Cutting cycles are, well, cutting cycles - caloric intake is below maintenance and the drugs are used to preserve muscle. Again, very crude description, but I'm sure the guys here with more experience will chime in to explain it in more detail if you want.


I think it depends on estrogen levels. We all know that estrogen helps in the anabolic side of certain steroid cycles. But we also know that estrogen facilitates fat deposition. So if you are on a cycle with high estrogen levels, you may put on some fat. I am not sure if that fat is intra-muscluar, sub-cutaneous, or even visceral. But that may be the explaination. Another explaination to your confusion may be that people's body composition may change after they are on steroids, but the amount of fat mass may actually increase (since it is a percentage). However, elevated testosterone levels lead to fat loss. But I think this is when estrogen is minimized. So, my answer to you is estrogen. More estrogen leads to bigger gains, but you may aslo be putting on some fat. Minimize estrogen and you will put on some lean weight and lose some fat. Someone correct me if I am wrong.


i personally think your diet has more to do with it than the choice of AAS. but thats just me.


Juice20 is right on. Your diet will dictate the outcome of any cycle. Shit, I cut up on a Test,Dbol,Deca cycle,I used Adex througout at a higher dose and ate clean and still leaned out. Just my 2cc's