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Steroids Before/After Cutting?


I'm new to the forum, hi everyone. I'm 18 years old, 198lbs 5.9ft, had my first cycle almost a year ago which consisted of 15 ampules omnadren 250 bought it myself from a pharmacy and I ran 10 weeks frontloaded and pinned every fifth day which I discovered wasn't frequent enough, but still had great gains with no sides.

Ran HGC 250 IU every 3rd day trough cycle and pct was standart nolva and added a test booster because it was on hand. So far so good, nothing exceptionally wrong with the cycle exept my age but I don't want it to become a topic of this tread.

The only thing was that before the cycle I had cut. Expirienced guys told me to cycle after cutting as the gains after cutting would be better. So I started my cycle 4 weeks prior the end of my diet and began upping calories from week 5. I may have brought the calories up too fast because at the end of the cycle I looked like I had gained all the fat back and that sucked I was fed up all summer because of this.

So everyone, my question is how do I do it this year in order to stay lean? Bulk now and cut later or cut first and then run a cycle but with different diet and shorter esters?

Wish you best of luck and try to avoid flaming me :smiley:

Edit: I forgot to mention that I didn't take any AI trough my first cycle because in my country they are F***ing expensive (like a box of adex from a pharmacy costs as much as a minimal monthly salary, I'm not joking) and most of the guys who use steroids don't even know what an AI is. Tamoxifen is fairly cheap tho and here the guys do what is considered old school - if they expirience estrogen related sides they take tamoxifen, or take it at low dose trough the whole cycle if sides are expected to occur.

And other thing forgot to mention, have been training since I was 14 but had a big setback the year 2010. So I'm more than a dum teen trying to get HHUUUGEEE. I'm just asking for advice on how to stay leaner, I'm with a bit slower metabolism and staying lean (abs visible) is a difficult task for me.

Edit 2: bench - 308; squat - 308; deadlift - 265 for 10 perfect reps (last exercise for back)


I put up all this info just not to be flamed too much. My question is: What is better - to cut before a cycle or to cycle before cutting and how to do it correcly so not to get fat while cycling after a cut phase or not loose muscle if cutting after cycling?


my opinion would be to cut DURING a cycle to maintain all the mass you, and possibly add more due to recomp. (gain muscle lose fat)

i know you said you dont want it to be an issue, but you are way too young to be using steroids. health affects aside, you spending money to put size on you could easily put on naturally


All right you posted your lifts and based on that the only think you need to consider is your diet and your training routine. Forget the steroids for at least 5 years or so and start to put on some muscle first. You'd be better to spend the money on quality food and supplements for now as you will later realise that when training for real and with a heart and dedication the food will cost you thousands of dollars per year.

What it comes to your original question you don't even have that much musclemass to even take a note on such things..


If you use roids at 18, you'll quickly gain boatloads of mass, cut fat and all that. But do you realize some of the side effects can be PERMANENT for you? That is, for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. You might never reach the height you could have, never fully mature in your balls and not be as fertile and manly (natural T levels), and other such nasty stuff. You havge used already, but using more will likely be more damaging.

I know you're impatient for results, and I know you probably can't picture yourself at 30, 35, 50, 60, but chances are you WILL get there. YOU. In YOUR body. Don't risk it all for so little!

You'll never gain or cut fat as much naturally that you would juicing that's true, but you WILL learn a lot about proper technique, recuperation, supplements and tons of little details that will make you have even better results in the future if you do use PEDs then, and most all, keep a lot of your enhanced gains, while not suffering permanent sides if you were to use now.

Ask around. There are tons of guys who used at 17-22 that had these tempporary great physiques, the ones to make you jealous and go for the dark side, yet the same guys looked AND FELT like crap just a few years afterward, and that's for life.