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Steroids at 16?


im 16 years old bin working out for about a year 6 months seriously when i started i was 115 now im about 140 but alot fatter and ive tryed everything creatine glutamine and protien together i tryed n.o explode with vitrix
my test levels were 100n\hl or something like that and i cant seem to get it up the doctor wouldnt give me t shots because she said i will start gaining in my 20s but i dont wanna wait that long before im bigger then my little sister

my dads 220 and has bin since he was 16 i dont understand why im so small so i was thinking on buying 17-hd test amplifier or 1-ad with 4-ad but every1 says its bad at 16 and would ruin my growth im 5'9 currently

curl 22.5 3 sets of 8 10 12
shoulder press: 40lbs 3 sets of 6 8 10
bench:60lbs 3 sets of 6 8 10


For your sake, I hope you're just some troll making a poor attempt to be funny.

Otherwise, you're a 16 year-old idiot that doesn't listen to good advice.

Your growth is by far not the only thing Test will impact at your age.


I think I might be falling in love with you Contrl.



my hair my liver acne headache i just forgot to put them there but i rather deal with those things then be small my whole life


shrinkage of my balls cause my body stops producing natural emzyts or whatever sooooo any advice


You know, I generally avoid posting in this section (as someone who has never doe a cycle) but those numbers are pathetic for a year and a half. Your workout sucks, your diet sucks, your mindset sucks, and if you do a cycle I bet you'll come out the other end looking the same and lifting the same.


ummm i work out perfectly fine i try to eat fine sooo im confused but what shouold i change


How about fucking yourself over in the long run because you permanently stunt the ability for your glands to produce natural hormones? Plus, steroids don't work miracles. They're not going to turn a weak, chubby kid with no muscle and no experience in working out into a gargantuan ass-stomper. It's a whole lot more complicated than that, I don't care what you heard of on cartoons.


No you don't. List your diet and workout.


The only advice you're going to get is that you are absolutely, positively, without the slightest shred of doubt, not ready for AAS. Learn to train and eat properly.


hold off untill next year. (atleast) think about for a while. i wanted to juice when i was sixteen and i waited and waited and 9 years later i'm glad i waited. i have a good foundation and some good natural developement. seems like its worth the wait dude. at 16 i was 5'6 115 now 25 5'7 205 ish (protein, vitamins and creatine)


i wake up eat eggs with whole weat toast or oatmeal at school i try to eat a sandwhich with latuase ( bad spelling ) tomatoes butter chicken cheese when i get home from school something small like orange apple soup then wait for dinner at 5 chicken steak beef with carrots mash potatoes at 7 i have a NO-explode 2 scoops then i work out for 45 minutes

day 1 bicepts chest
day 2 shoulders
day 3 tricept back
day 4 legs
day 5 rest
day 6 rest
day 7 i go on the bikes and keep my heart rate at 135bpm for 15 minutes then take 5 min break then repeat

after i have protein shake with 1tbs of peanut butter 1 tbs of glutamine 1 cup of milk

and i dont jerk it and chew my food very well i do my reps slow breath right im always soar


Try posting in the Beginners forum for solid diet and work-out advice first.


I can't...I don't have the energy. But I will say you need to list the exact portions and calories [which you probably don't know. you need to start counting and find out exactly how much you're eating.] And you need to list sets, reps, and weight for each exercise. Actually, you didn't even list what exercises/movements you are doing in many cases but only the body parts you are working.


....He can't spell enzymes. And he probably is meaning to say hormones...

Yeah kid, you're not ready. Go fucking eat.


Outside of all the criticism you have received for poor exercise, poor diet, and AAS at a young age (all of which I agree with), I did notice this portion of your post. I ask that you clarify what your testosterone levels are, assuming you got them tested at the doctor's office. If you could post the specific number and scale of measurement we could possibly give you better advice.

If you meant to type "100 ng/dl," you have very, very low testosterone. the normal range for the ng/dl scale is 262-900 or so, and being 16 you should be towards the upper half of this range. If you are below 262 you have an endocrinological problem and are not producing enough testosterone naturally, which could explain your very low weight, and would also explain why the weight that you are gaining is mostly fat.

If you do have low testosterone levels you will need to receive testosterone replacement therapy. This will bring your testosterone levels into the normal range, but certainly is nothing like a bodybuilding AAS cycle. At your age you do not need, nor would it be more productive, to use AAS in a bodybuilding sense. Check what your numbers are and let us know what they are.


I would doubt that figure is true, if only because he seemed rather unsure and everything else he's said has been fragments of ill information. Sure, if it were true we'd all be more sympathetic. But I would think most MDs would be very hesitant to prescribe a 16 year-old AAS.


dude, im 17 and only 140 pounds.
Gaining isn't easy, chill out. At 16 and those measurements i highly doubt you have finished growing.

Biggest reason why you shouldn't chemical assistance; you'll fuck it up for the rest of us who intend to eventually use steroids intelligently. The last thing anyone wants is another news article about some dumb kid fucking his body over permanently with gear. That would definitely warrant a full investigation which would lead to them shutting down many good sources.

on the bright side, you have another 6 years to learn before your body is fully ready.

your money is better spent on a squat rack.


the doctor said i wasnt finished growing in height cause my dad is 6'2 and mom is '6 so i would stop around 5'11 she said id start gaining mass at around 20s


With a solid diet and training, you can start gaining mass now.

Assuming you do not have any endocrinological problems, your natural test levels with be the highest over the next few years so take advantage of it.

Sit down at the computer and read articles on here every night or go buy one of those "Gain 25lbs of muscle in 12 weeks kits". While their claims are obviously BS, many of them contain excellent information for a beginner.