Steroids and Wound Healing

Hi guys!

Im on the 3rd week of my cycle of 750mg Test-E/week, Deca 300mg/week and 50mg Proviron/day.

I have had this “cut” on my groin for 4-5months now, it has healed a couple times but then opened up again… I’ve been prescriped antibiotics 3 times for it now and today Im going to the doc again. It gets infected very easily because of the location. It’s about 0,3" long cut. Really annoying.

It really cant be stitched I think, but I’ll ask today if there’s something else that can be done than just eating the antibiotics and waiting for it to maybe heal.

I was wondering that will my cycle have a noticable effect on the healing? Will it make it more difficult to heal? If so then I must consider stopping the cycle and get the wound perfectly healed.

This is starting to piss me off.

Any input greatly appreciated!

EDIT: I got some Clindamycin (antibiotic) and antibiotic cream from the doc.

Ask the doc to use Tisseel glue.