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Steroids and University


Hey guys

I have a question for any experienced AAS user.
Ive decided i am going to do my first cycle. Ive written up a plan/protocol. All the usual issues have been addressed, however theres one issue i cannot decide on, that only someone who has used would know.

If starting an 8 week cycle within the next few weeks (which is quite plausible), it would mean the cycle and PCT would finish mid semester.

The issue being, this is my last semester of my degree, and if i fuck it up over being caught up in training and nutrition (to the point where i start to loose focus on uni), or possibly emotional/depressed when coming off the cycle, it would be a disastrous way to end my degree.

Are my concerns legitimate? I know this is a very personal question and will reflect mainly on the individual but i am sure some have done just this and know the outcome.

I'll be honest. Training has sometimes gotten in the way of uni before to the point of loosing out on marks and lectures, however being my last i intend to finish strongly. How about the emotional side of coming off a cycle? Something to be concerned with?

The obvious safe choice: wait the 4 months for the semester to end, then do the cycle. But who wants to wait.



Guys who don't want to dick with the comedown off of steroids during midterms.


Went through the same thing. I'm finishing up my degree as well and planned to start a cycle which after I drew it up would have me on PCT around the time of Grad School interviews and exams. I just put them away (already have them) in a box with a label saying do not open till X Date. Best not risk it.

so to completely answer your questions:
1) Concerns of emotional issues/loosing focus legit?
-Emotional issues, not so much. But everyone reacts differently. I experienced none, but if anything I was VERY lethargic so that could negatively impact your studies. Thankfully I did mine over a period of no class (Mid May-early Aug) so pretty much I could sleep all I want but I was also working in a research lab full time so it was hard getting through the day sometimes. No one mentioned anything about acting emotionally strange other than dozing off sometimes.

2) Emotional sides of coming off a cycle?
-Answered above, none on my end.

3) Who wants to wait?
-Keep it all in perspective. University comes only once, the iron will always be there.

Good Luck



PCT has a marginal effect on my sex drive for a few days and a somewhat larger affect on gym performance for about a week. It doesnt affect any other aspects of my life.

But I cant remember what my first PCT was like in those respects.

A first timer wont know the best things to do to ensure a smooth recovery. It may not be a great idea have PCT planned during a few weeks of big tests. But I dont think it will affect your ability to perform in school. Its not as if your body is going through withdrawals or anything like that. Whether you have the personal discipline to balance your priorities has nothing to do with these drugs. And if you think youd be prone to blaming the drugs if you dont do well, you should probably not do them now.


Agreed with what Bonez said. And I want to add that it does, as you said, depend on person to person. But even during the PCT of my first cycle, there was almost no effect on my non-BBing life whatsoever (sex life very little). It's unlikely you'd have any problems. If you really want to, I say go for it


cheer for the responses guys. I will take on board some of the questions there. I feel with the right mental preparation (such as not allowing myself to blame the drugs for poor uni performance), it may be possible to do this safely. But I only get 1 chance to do uni well...

Will have to ponder this one

cheers guys


Extend your cycle and use HCG for the last 4-6 weeks (prior to coming off and doing PCT) OR

Wait until you graduate and take the plunge.

Age, Stats, Intended first cycle...???


P.S. I have done 15 week cycles without HCG with minimal/no testicular shrinkage and been able to recover with just Nolva and ZMA


imo PCT wont have any negative effect on your academic performance; or at least it didn't for me


wk 1-8 400mg Test Eth /wk
wk 10-13 100mg clomid /wk tapered down to 50mg by the end of the 3rd week of PCT
Nova on hand for any estrogen sides while on the test.

Very simple, but thats what i am after for a first cycle, was considering stacking some deca in there too, but decided to leave stacking for any potential future cycles.

Height: 5'7"
weight: 185lb
Bench: 315lb
squat: 315lb


We are all individual - I had done numerous cycles with no PCT and absolutely zero problems. I had had seamless recoveries not evening knowing I had "come off" except that strength had stopped increasing. Then two years ago (after a short prop cycle and a proper pct) I got hit by a tonne of bricks. I had to hold off my pHD for a year, but looking back that was the least of my worries.

You may be ok, you may suffer a little, you be in an awful way - if your degree is important wait


Your cycle is wrong. Your PCT too!

If you want a proper cycle do it for 12 weeks @ 400 Test E & 250 Deca/week.
Use HCG from day 1 of the cycle until 2 days before PCT.
PCT should start at day 15 after last shot.
PCT with clomid & Nolva for 4 weeks:
Clomd: 100/100/50/50
Nolva: 40/40/20/20
Keep your diet clean & your training and you'll see nice results. :wink:


What are your thoughts on stacking on a first cycle? I am looking to minimise sides and leave room for improvement on any potential future cycles, hence just looking to take straight test. Everything else you proposed looks solic though.


Regarding HUGE.HULK's advice... Hold off on deca for your first cycle. Test only is good. 500mg a week (250mg E3d) for 10 weeks is good.
Adex while on cycle, .25mg EOD

PCT with Clomid or nolva....

If you use nolva go 40/40/20/20 for your 4 weeks of PCT
Everyone I know prefers nolva.
Clomid would be okay too though.

If you really want to add something then add some d-bol at 30mg a day from week 6 or 7 till PCT starts. You could also take 30 mg only pre-training for the entire cycle.

I think you should wait till after you graduate. You are this close, most people would be unaffected, but why risk fucking up now.