Steroids and U.S. Powerlifting

Hey to all powerlifters on T-Nation.

I am a Danish benchpresser who recently have discovered T-Nation. I have enjoyed reading the articles posted, especially those written by Dave Tate.

But something struck me when I visited the steroid forum. In Denmark this issue is highly tabooed. It is not something you talk about out in the open. It seems to me that you see things differntly across the Atlantic.

Now, I am not saying that Danish lifters generally don’t use gear. Some get busted occasionally. They are typically banned from lifting for two years.

Don’t you have any legislation regulating this area. Or is it a personal matter?

I am not trying to moralize. I was just wondering.

Welcome Viking. I think you are getting the wrong idea of doping here in the States. Doping is seen here by the mainstream community as one of the most atrocious, vile and disgusting things a person can do. They are also very much taboo over here too. This is why we have forums like this where users can discuss the subject with anomynymity. Yes we have legislation that has classified them in the same category as narcotics and other illicit drugs, but the number of users so far has not caused an outright “war on steroids” to be implemented. They used to be held in a rather matter-of-fact, so-what type of regard here, but years of Americans being fed a diet of lies and exaggerations by the mainstream press has long since killed that attitude.