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Steroids and the Military


This is a question for Contrl and Hedo and anyone else who has any experience in the military.

What is the perception of AAS among the vast majority of servicemen? Same brainwashing? I would assume that having a strong soldier would be a top priority, and that the idiocy would not be as widespread, but I also know that where our government is involved stupidity is as pervasive as a hippy's armpit lice.

Also, when in a country where AAS is legal, is the taking of it still disallowed within the confines of one's duties? For example, I imagine Iraq and Afghanistan have bigger problems than worrying about passing legislation to protect its citizens from the roid rage menace. I'm certain smoking opium would be a punishable offence in the latter. What about Test? How does residing on another country's soil affect American law's application to your lives?


I suppose a lot of the myths do lurk around your random Joe that doesn't know any better, but it's not nearly as taboo because, as you said, it's really a general expectation that the ideal Soldier is considerably stronger than the average person; many situations dictate the need for strength, lots of it.

As for your second question, most commanders won't honestly look at AAS with the same condemning eyes that they would, say heroion, barbituates, etc. Then again, the odds of getting caught are rather slim unless the wrong person finds your stash, or sees you inject (or any number of circumstances, as you can imagine).

In regards to the law applying to a Servicemember on foreign soil, it doesn't matter. I could fly out to the Netherlands and while prostitution, marijuana, and many other things are legal there, we're governed by UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) all around the globe.


From people I've known in the military (Air Force and Army) who use AAS (I am not in the military), it seems like it isn't a big deal as long as you are smart about it. Obviously hide your stash well, but don't overdo it on the physical tests. A guy told me he and a buddy were on a cycle when they were doing some drills and they had to do pullups.

So instead of busting out a couple reps and moving on he busted out over 20 like it didn't phase him. Needless to say he was questioned. Something to consider, though anyone with half a brain could figure that one out.


I once did a 10k ruck march (carrying a 40lb load) in :59 minutes. If not for the fact I had just started my very first cycle and wasn't very big yet, I would have raised a few eyebrows.


Well I am currently in the military and let me tell you it is strongly frowned upon. I have actually talked to my commander about if he ever thought about it considering he works out all the time. He was very ignorant to the facts of aas use.

Schwarz your right as long as your not running around showing off that your bigger no one even really notices unless they lift with you. The military won't test for it because of the cost of the test but will test for it if there is probable cause.

Cortes when we are in Iraq or Afganistan (Just got back from Iraq a week ago) we fall under the same rules. Nothing changes because when we are in camp in those countries that is deemed American soil!


When I was in, there was a guy that must have had the most perfect genetics for getting big. This guy was huge and my unit tested him a lot. Everyone was sure he was using AAS, altho he tested clean every time. Maybe he was smarter then they were and just so happened to be using something they werent testing for, or he really was one of the lucky ones I truly dont know. I know he really was getting tired of getting accused and who could blame him.


It's been awhile since I was in but back in the early 90's it was not very common. These days I really don't know.

The thing is strength isn't the deciding factor in a lot of engagements and physical bulk isn't always a desireable characterisitc for a grunt. Pound for pound it's better to be strong but that NFL Lineman sized guy next to you still has to hump with the unit and get in and out of an APC. He can probabaly lift and carry a lot but the size is a trade off. Speed kills these days.

Like others have said it's not randomly tested for and if you keep it low key you will most likely get by. PCT would be a bitch in a combat zone I would think. You'd probably want to stay on for the length of the deployment.


They wern't testing for 'roids, IMO. It had to be the CO's decision due to the price of the test. And if they test you for that amount of money and you are clean, they look like TOTAL assholes!
Also, when I was in Okinawa, the week before I left, some dudes from bulk fuels had to post daily up north where all the cow farms were in order to re-fuel the choppers. Out of boredom, one of them figured out there were shrooms in the shit. The CO had a barracks inspection, the fuckers were growing the shrooms in their ceilings, had a refrigerator full,etc. They were gonna be charged, but shrooms aren't illegal in Oki, plus there is NOTHING in the UCMJ, so they got off (pardon the pun) scott free! Blew my mind.... BTW, we used to get 5 mg. anadrol outta the Jap pharmacies, cheap!


Well, that's just crudely untrue. There most definitely is something in UCMJ Article 112a as well as Article 134 regarding hallucinogens, such as psylocybin mushrooms. Also, it didn't matter that they weren't illegal in Okinawa, local laws only apply when it comes to violations, not to provide liberties or acquittal. I think what you heard regarding those guys (who might I add sound like complete idiots) was nothing more than rumor.


I can tell you from experience that AAS use is encouraged "under the radar" in many SF and special operations groups. AAS use is expected and if First Sergeant sees you lacking or looking scrawny well....he'll direct you. But these groups have tasking that requires athletes and AAS to them is that edge. As far as the regular army goes, I'd say Ctrl hit it on the head.


I did see a doc recently on a Green Beret unit in Afghanistan on the military channel and this group had a pretty decent weightroom on their small post. One of the dudes was pretty damn big and well defined and on seeing him I thought he looked juiced to the gills. They showed him incline bench pressing 315 for numerous reps.



I happen to live in Japan.
The part about being able to obtain steroids seems to be true (ie they are obtainable here) but it is no easy task to get them from a pharmacy. You are not getting anything like that without a scrip, and the doctors here are not the same as Paco the Tijuana neighborhood medico. Good luck with that, I'd like to hear of someone who has just bought AAS off the rack.

That said, it is extremely easy to get them if you want them. You are allowed to import a 2-month personal supply of drugs (obviously not scheduled ones, AAS is not here).

However, if they happen to inspect your package, they'll slap a fat excise tax on it and mail it to you. No fun. It is illegal for anyplace but clinics and pharmacies to sell AAS domestically but that doesn't stop folks from doing so. Because of this, you can do all of your shopping from the comfort of your computer, and the package with all of your goodies is delivered in under a week, often two or three days. You pay the postman at your door and you are on your way.

Needles, however are a bitch to obtain and expensive as shit when you are able to, by the way.

Sorry for hijacking my own thread. This is all really interesting, especially the stories.


I was wondering just this thing. Are these "provided" them?


Oh, no. Not provided, just sometimes hinted among fellow military meatheads. Although I'm sure there is a lot of mutual backscratching out there as far as sharing sources.


The story of the shrooms were true, I watched the MP's carry them out. Whether or not the UCMJ covers them, I'm not sure, but these dudes were 2 doors down from me in the barracks on Camp Foster, Okinawa. As far as buying, we would just walk into the pharmacies in Japan, ask for anadrol, and it was right behind the counter. 20 count boxes for about 12 bucks.

Also, if ya look at some of the vitamins in Okinawa made for men, some have methyl-test added to all the B-Vites and minerals...keep in mind this was 93-94 time frame. But I brought back the anadrol through customs in Cybergenics (remember them?) bottles, they just opened them and capped 'em and threw 'em back into the bags....


Well, they must not be very rampant in the culture. Otherwise Japanese men wouldn't be as tiny as they are.

20 count boxes for 12 dollars.. there's no justice in this world.


I can touch base on this topic. Being currently in the Navy for nearly seven years now, I have learned that wherever you go, there's always someone jealous of you that may either show it or smile in your face and keep it hidden. Those are the people to watch out for. I've been on two ships so far, one being coed and the other being all-male.

The coed ship had a lot of jealous people and started talking shit about an individual using gear purposely, around listening ears. That person was tested and popped positive. On the all-male ship, people really don't care what you do as long as you do your job. My supervisor and I talk about it openly amongst ourselves and I suggested to him that I'm going to do some research first and then do a cycle and see what happens.

In short, be smart about it, don't brag, and for god's sake, don't tell anyone about it that you wouldn't trust 110%


I'm pretty sure this is not the case anymore. Unfortunately for my wallet, the situation seems to have changed.


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