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Steroids and The Law


Steroids are illegal obviously but why it is so overlooked by the law? If the law isn't enforced then what's the point? Why not just sell them legitimately through pharmacies and get rid of underground dealing and dangerous home brews? Why arn't the entire Mr O cast in jail?




Lol im not hatin im just actually interested, suppose its because i can just walk down to my local chemist and buy any cocktail i wish!


I suppose you haven't seen this thread.


i have now, but i'm wondering why it doesn't more?




Ur takin me the wrong way, i'm just askin about the law aspect of it. Why isn't it enforced. I'm not saying should at all im just wondering WHY it isn't.


do you know how much weed is smoked in college dorms/frat houses/college apartments complexes?

why don't the cops start doing complex raids and getting all that pot?


Your from the UK. Check the law. Steroids are not illegal here. It's fully legal to buy them and take them but selling them is illegal.


This was going to be the point I made as well. Sure everyone knows that the Mr O guys take em, but everyone knows that dreadlocked, birkenstock-wearing burnout with the Bob Marley tshirt smokes dope. It doesn't mean the cops are going to tail him to his source.


I am also pretty sure that the average person hanging with Brittany Spears or Lindsey Lohan knows their way around coke, but my guess is, cops aren't following all of these people to their mansions to raid them.


You think the idea behind the WOD is to end drug use?

Lets try it this way:

What if it was a money making scheme for a giant government bureaucracy and a means of social control?

Would those who pursue this endeavour really want to end it then?


Bigger fish to fry


Yeah, like Toney Freeman.


Didn't Dennis James get some attention from law enforcement a few years back?


Who didn't break any laws in Sweden and still lives up to his last name, despite an idiot of a police officer who acted outside the law.


This is the main reason the War On Drugs is still happening. A lot of people would loose their jobs if it were to stop. It is a shame and the government and law enforcement should be ashamed of themselves for locking up non violent criminals.


Parents dropping thier kids off at school?



good call


That's the problem, they have no shame.