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Steroids and the Law!


I was thinking we could start a thread about the law on steroids and importing steroids from online shops and underground stores, anyone want to comment?


I believe the less these things are spoken about in forums, the better off the community is as a whole. We already have targets on our backs.

A disscusion such as this would be equivalent to and, quite frankly, no more productive than a group of teenagers griping about how unfair their parents rules are.

If you want to make a difference, write your state representatives or start a group advocating the reformation of steroid laws.


honestly writting right now with the stigma there is will do little but piss off the reps and bring attention to yourself.

I vote for keeping your mouth shut and deal with the hand you are dealt with.


Its not such an issue is it? I mean, its quite easy to get ur hands on roids in the US isnt it? Was quite flooded at gyms when I lived in Cali.

Then I moved back to Europe, and it took me a little time to find dealers, but once I did I found a handful. But here it is legal to have up to 60 vials for ur own consumption, which is more than I think I will ever have my hands on :slightly_smiling:

Also, max penalty for dealing uses doses to people here is 6 months of prison, which usually u dont have to serve.

Max penalty for smuggling more than 3 months supply of steroids here is 2 years as well.

So its generally a little less strict here, but then again, have u ever heard of anyone gotten caught for roids in ur community? ;O



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am just wondering becouse i have a online source that is an underground shop and ships small pakages to keep quite and is the 3 months worth of ordering in 1 order or cud you order 3months worth every other day?


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