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Steroids and Stunted Growth

Hello everyone, just a quick question. Does taking extra testosterone (in my case, 500 mg/w 10W) stunt / permanently stunt your growth? Or would it instead actually help you grow?

This is actually a very good question (and interesting topic). I’m not sure how old you are, I gather you’re young so I’d recommend not cycling but that isn’t the question is it

Anabolic steroids have anabolic and androgenic properties and some also contain estrogenic (via aromatisation and however the hell oxymetholone works) and progestogenic properties. Anabolism can be loosely defined as “building up”, some of the anabolic properties of anabolic steroids are.

  • increased growth of many types of tissues (skeletal muscle, osseous tissue via increased BMD
  • increased RBC
  • Stimulation of LINEAR height growth if growth plates aren’t fused
  • decreased amino acid breakdown
  • increased nitrogen retention

And more

Androgenic properties include

  • virilization and promotion of secondary sexual characteristics
  • virilization comes hand in hand with accelerated ephysial plate fusion, however androgenicity only plays a small/moderate role in this
  • acne, body odour etc

And more

Estrogen is the main culprit when it comes to accelerated ephysial plate maturation (closed ephysial plates equates to no more linear growth), thus aromatising anabolic steroids are likely to have the greatest impact when it comes to stunting growth. The effects of anabolic steroids on reducing final height are semi well documented (with various studies demonstrating high dose testosterone and methyltestosterone to reduce final predicted height)

Before GH was invented anabolic therapy was routinely used to treat short stature, after it was figured out the androgenic and estrogenic nature of methyltestosterone and testosterone made their use insufficient for treating short stature, anabolic steroids were synthesized with greater disparaty between anabolism and androgenicity. Whether anabolic therapy works to increase final height is controversial as fooooook. Multiple studies have come to different verdicts (I was thinking of trying something when I started trt in place of testosterone to see if there was even a smidgen of hope my height would be increased… But then I remembered my ephysial plates were closed so it’s like pissing in the wind.) Oxandrolone appears to be the most effective and if given at low doses with careful monitering may actually increase final adult height. Numerous agents have been studied for the treatment of short stature such as

  • nandrolone
  • metandienone
  • stanozolol/metenolone (one study) otherwise stanozolol has been effectively used in conjunction with HGH in girls with Turner syndrome
  • fluoxymesterone
  • oxandrolone

If you like I could send some literature, it’s very interesting stuff… most of its pretty old (although oxandrolone has some recent studies) But not a good idea to try. Endocrine systems of young individuals are still developing, tossing in AAS can alter the extremely complex and delicate balance and thus alter you’re adult hormonal profile.

I believe currently the only AAS approved to treat short stature is oxandrolone.

Now we have HGH for short stature, I wonder what a HGH + very low dose oxandrolone combo (say 2.5mg/day) would have on a prepubescent individual with very short stature (but isn’t GH deficient)

Also, these kids given these hormones are typically given very low doses as to not cause innapropriate amts of virilization, however the older the individual is when therapy is initiated, the more aggressive the doses tend to be… Fuck, why couldn’t I have gotten Anavar instead of arimidex 7mg/wk for my short stature, I still ended up 5’4-5’5

Clearly I need some pharmaceutical grade oxandrolone, 7 million milligrams per day + 7000ius of GH in the morning, afternoon and evening.


Haha, thanks for your knowledgeable post! As for my age, I’m extremely young: 20 yrs old, and unfortunately have done a cycle in the past of Test (for anyone else who sees this around my age, DO NOT listen to your friends or experiment. I lurk around and read the forums a lot, and see a lot of posts about how friends / coaches tell them to take something and it messes them up. Save experimenting for later. All that really happened was I gained water weight + a little bit of new muscle, and off-cycle I lost a bit of it. And looking back at it, I didn’t know the proper risks / consequences when using. EDUCATE yourself before you even think about taking testosterone).

Anyways, when you mention estrogen, I had taken an AI and was able to control it. Now having said this, could controlling the estrogen maybe have either neutralized or stopped the effect of estrogen exacerbating the fusion of growth plates, if that makes any sense? I’m a short guy myself, so I was wondering if my past AAS use may have permanently put me at 5’8. Thanks again for your knowledge unreal, I appreciate it.

Na your Judy a short guy. The plus side is its a lot easier for you to look jacked when your shorter.

Or at least that’s what I hear.

As the saying goes, “The muscular you get, the shorter you get!” Or something along those lines lol, but yeah I’m around 190 lbs but in comparison to my friend who’s like 6’2 I look a lot more jacked haha

not entirely true, I’m 5’4-5’5 and I’m not jacked, I just look stocky/broad. Shorter people tend to (depending on genetics) look more compact, I frequently joke about having “short person arms” because my wingspan is even shorter than my height haha.

sir, you’re twenty, the chances of you growing and significant amount from now are quite minute unfortunately. Most men have the majority of their ephysical plates by age 18, hell, many of mine were closed by 15. I remember breaking my foot and the doctor was like “Have you… by any chance broken you’re foot before… because you’re ephysial plates are all closed down there” and I smiled despite the crushing sadness and was like “nope”… and I haven’t grown since I was about 15 (aside from potentially a millimetre or two)

Idk how short you are, but I’ve learned over time to get over it, and it legitimately doesn’t bother me that much anymore, I do joke about it frequently because it’s funny, but I’ve learnt confidence comes a long way. Some of the guys who get the hottest girls and guys I know (both gay/bi and straight) are short dudes, but they have serious confidence and that beats height any day of the week.

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Even without aas your growth very likely to already ended because you are 20

Mine was ended like at 16 if I remember correctly

In my experience I cycled a prohormone stack of T-Bol & D-Bol derivatives at age 17 height was 5’10”. Starting weight was probably like 205 or 210… 5 weeks in I was 240-245lbs at the time basically all water weight after I quick usage I went down to 215 I didn’t know I was suffering from high estrogen at the time developed a minor case of bitch tits that’s how high my estrogen was I also feared I would stunt growth after reasearch post cycle. I’m 22 years old & I’m now 6’00” on the dot, had the gyno surgery btw. needless to say right now I have a really bad posture due to anterior pelvic tilt & I think I attribute it to weak glutes, very tight lower back muscles & strong abdominals so I’m sure if I corrected my posture I’d truly hit the 6’1” mark. Also age 17 I was 5’10” age 19 5’11” age 22 I’m 6’00”. My brother graduated high school at 18 at 6’2”. At 24 he was 6’5” so I still have hope I may grow. Also I’m pretty certain he did a cycle or two of some gear by like age 22 but off topic he was also bald by 25. I assume I’ll be bald as well! Long story short don’t worry to much about it right now you may grow another inch or two before age 25! You may not I assume it depends on the individual

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I do remember in Middleschool about 12 years old there was guys hitting puberty way before me got way taller than me grew facial hair everything getting all the pussy. Then as time went they quit growing age 15-16 they’re like 5’6” still now to this day with full beards, and haven’t grown since then. I was a later bloomer probably age 14 didn’t really hit me till 15 I remember growing 6 inches in one year. As I still don’t have a full beard yet, my brother just turned 28 and is now finally growing a mustache & a fuller beard but he also lost his hair ontop lmfao

Yeah, I’m not too worried about my height, as I come to have accept it. 5’8 and like maybe a half isn’t too bad. Was more so curious about the AAS use and growth! Thanks for your reply.