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Steroids and Steroid Tests


Hi guys,

In my country it's possible to be subjected to a steroid test even if you are just an average gym rat. The government states that if you go to a gym, you are part of a sports club, so they can test you.

In reality they show up with police backup, nobody gets out before taking a urine test. If you don't want to, they see it as a positive test. Possible outcomes are a fine (up to 5000 euro), a criminal record, a house sweep and a ban from the club or sport.

Yes this is insane...

Ofcourse they select clubs where they suspect steroid dealing, but you never know.

I'm thinking about setting up a home gym for when I cycle (+ detection time), but I was thinking about a HGH or GHRP only cycle. I've been reading on the internet and it's not clear if they can detect this with a single urine test? Anyone care to share some info?



Which country do you live in? First time I ever hear that.


I live in Belgium (Europe). The website of our agency is:


It's in Duch but the first part reads:

"Volgens de regelgeving kan al wie in georganiseerd verband aan sport doet (van de recreatieve fitnesser tot de elitesporter) op elk ogenblik gecontroleerd worden."

Can be stranslated as: According to legislation anyone who practices sports in an organized way (from the recreational gym rat to the elite athlete) can be subjected to control at any time".

It sucks...


Lol, it sucks big time.


That is completely insane. Nanny state much? How many times have you actually been piss tested, if ever?

My understanding is that hGH doping is not detectable in urine but is detectable in blood, though the test is very expensive.

I'm not sure if anyone really knows whether the GHRPs and GHRHs are detectable in urine. Here is a study from 2011 that claims to be able to detect GHRP2 metabolites in urine 20h after administration:

However, they gave the test subject 10mg orally, which is 100x the actual dose that you would inject subq. I'm going to lean towards "no", since its very unlikely that anyone has actually developed a GHRP urine test.


Civil unrest?

What country was it a couple years ago where some bodybuilder not from that country was detained when he visited there for suspicion of abusing steroids? I was thinking one of the Scandanavian countries, but it may have been Belgium...far too lazy to look it up...thats nuts....

Sorry, thread hijack.


@VTBalla: Jay Cutler wanted to visit Sweden, but didn't because of steroid legislation.


It was Sweden, and I believe right before Cutler's visit another pro BB'er was charged. I know he was a well-known BB'er, just too lazy to Google it right now.


Unfortunately your country has some very odd views on what a "club" is.


woah, I'd never heard of that before.

First time I've ever been glad I live in Scotland


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