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Steroids and Sperm Count

i wann ask if anybody have info about different kind of Steroids and sperm count

Anything that increases your test levels will reduce the LH that makes the testes work. Take enough test and your nuts will shut off. That can lead to low sperm counts and in some extreme cases, sterility.

Proper cycling avoids such problems by limiting the duration of shut down, avoiding shut down, assisting recovery and switch over back to production of LH.

Some folks will have their LH deeply depressed on 100mg of test per week, some maybe 150 - 200 mg/week. Many lifters on gear can take 500 or 1000 mg week. No question about the implications of that. The risks are high if things are not done right. Doing it right means knowledge, planning and discipline.

Do not count on such things as a form of birth control… that simply does not work well. If you take the wrong gear, progesterone can increase, and with basic test products estrogen as well. These can kill your sexual interest or ability to get it up (deca dick). You might be fertile, but impotent.

Guys on TRT who never stop taking test can also take HCG (that acts like LH). That keeps the testes working normally. That is not an option for testes that no longer respond to LH.

Taking HCG all the time, 250iu EOD, is also an option for use while on gear and for a few weeks after during washout. That keeps the testes functional instead of measures to get them working again after during PCT.

These things are all discussed on this BB and the over 35 lifter. Search and read. These issues are very complex and there are many different aspect to the different roids.

Be very careful. You questions suggest that that you know very little about these things. Gear can cause serous harm if you do something that others here would refer to as stupid, ignorant or idiotic.

Young guys can also stunt their growth and there is nothing that can reverse that. Normal young men do not need gear to make gains. This is the time that one needs to learn training technique, nutrition and eating. And I an not an expert on that or much of anything else of this material. I am in a comfortable state of knowing what I don’t know and not needing to learn all of that.

Please read the beginners post pinned to the top of this forum. It should address much of this.

If, on the other hand I was trying to procreate, I would get clean for a while first.

What do you think about the PH superdrol? I have two bottles of the stuff that I have yet to use just because of the mixed reviews.