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Steroids and Rugby

Basically I’ve been called up to my regional underage academy (which is the pathway to becoming a pro). Im 17 about 6 ft 96 kg and a little chubby but not really( you wouldnt know i was fat until i take my top off). I’ve been told i need to work on my size, im big compared to most my age at school but not rugby big. After training with the team a couple of weeks 14 of the 30 lads have been open about their steroid use , even though we get tested. I know the first thing you’ll say is not to do it, but rugby is my life and i’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it even if it means fucking my body up. I was wondering what roids to use and how to get around testing? any responses will be deeply appreciated

Please don’t waste time trolling I had enough of that on other sites.

unless you want to plan on injecting yourself for the rest of your life probably not worth it

Have you read any of the other “First Cycle” threads?

No, of course not, because you want to be spoon-fed an answer.

There are a number of threads on here where veteran AAS users have weighed in on what compounds to use for a first cycle and why.

If you’re 100% committed to making a pro rugby career, I understand why you would consider this, even if it sounds a little too desperate and ill-conceived at this stage. Would you care to give some details of your diet and training history? Because if you don’t have those two things in order, AAS will mostly be wasted on you anyway.

Sorry I didn’t check that I’m only new to this site sorry , I’ve only been going gym since august because quite simply put I couldn’t afford it till I had a proper job. I was going 4/5 days a week until October then I could only go 3. By October I got my max deadlift up from 90kg to 135kg, bench from 70 to 86 and squat from 80 to 110, my diet was good I’d have eggs for breakfast every morning, chicken breast with salad at lunch , then fish or steak for dinner and I’d snack on different things like peanut butter sandwhichs, protein shake and chocolate milk etc. I went from 75 kg to 95 kg without gaining extra fat

Size can be important in Rugby depending upon the position you play, but its not as important as most people make it out to be, especialy this early in your career. “Ooh he’s big I bet he’d be good at rugby(or insert any other contact sport)”. Not necessarily so, if they don’t already have a tactical understanding of the game and how they fit into it.
I can’t count the amount of runners, fighters, footy players etc who look like they would be awesome with big muscles, or a huge squat or bench numbers but are actually really crap at there chosen sports, being beaten by fit, but rather average looking but technically good practioners.
Get good first, really good at the basics of your sport including natty lifting for at least 2 more years, then maybe consider adding PED’s, to keep up with the best. A sportsman is a finely tuned machine, so remember to leave your best performances for on the field and not training in the gym.
You have actually only just entered the most profitable time of your life for natural training, natural testosterone levels should be sky high. Even though you probably won’t grow much taller, your bone density, and muscle mass are going to increase with the type of training you will be doing.
By all means talk to your friends who are on the gear, find out what they’re doing. Just keep in the back of your mind, how many of them will actually make it to the professional levels.

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Mate train naturally if those are your max lifts at 95kgs thats well… not good to say the least. Just keep on hitting the gym hard natty and you will grow. Work on that deadlift especially for rugby. Once you can deadlift over double your bodyweight then you can start thinking about doing other shit. Im 19, 73 kg and can dead 180kg took two years… but you can get there reasonably quick.

No, hold off a couple years.
AAS will close off your growth plates and you still have some growing left maybe even till 20 in terms of frame filling out as well as height. -6ft is not big at all compared to the monsters in pro rugby these days… half the SA/NZ teams seem to be 6’5
Also as others have said you still have tons of room for easy progress in the gym