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Steroids And Lower Drinking Age


There's an interesting article on MSNBC today about a push to lower the drinking age.


If expansion of the availability of something as dangerous as alcohol is being considered, then why not push for the re-classification of the less-dangerous steroids away from schedule III and into a category where it can be prescribed for health enhancement?

Are there any groups who are organized and openly advocating for the reclassification of steroids? If so, what groups are these? I don't think that writing my congressman is enough. There needs to be a "critical mass" on this. I'd contribute to an organized voice aimed at Washington.


No, I doubt there are groups doing this for steriods becuase roid heads say there are absolutely no disadvantages. Therefore how can you fight to regulate something that isn't a problem? The only other option is to push it to OTC but then too many non-roid heads will never believe that it's perfectly safe for their children to go to the local pharmacy and buy it like protein powder.


Why even have a drinking age? It seems like alcohol is easy to get and abused by just about every kid over 10. It pisses me off that underage drinking and binge drinking,etc. are accepted by so many people but steroids are seen as evil by almost everyone.


I agree i would definitley be in support of a group aimed at re-classification... i personally think they should be otc, but reclassing would be the first step. if anybody is willing to get something organized i'm in.