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Steroids and Injury Recovery

I have never taken steroids before, and I was hoping some of the chemical vets could answer a few questions for me.

I have recently been injured (ankle) while playing sport. No ligament or bone damage, just soft tissue; but quite a thorough job none-the-less. I have quite a history of injuries - and I’m getting older.

What kind of effect do steroids have on injury recovery? (I realise that’s pretty vague, but if you could help me out, I’d appreciate it). I also seem to remember in one of those ‘spot-the-fake’ articles that low testosterone shows a predisposition for injury; in which case, should I consider upping test levels?

Im no chemical vet…but most injuries occur from lack of joint mobility…by using steroids that might make things worse…if you can I would post your previous injuries to give people a better idea of your body.

The only time I have ever taken steroids was after shoulder surgery in hopes for faster recovery for my sport season. Although it might have helped my shoulder recovery, it did a number on my hips and really screwed up my body.

In this case, I stuck my foot in a divot while slowing down from a sprint. A few bad words were said.

Other injuries have come from contact injuries (rugby), and for a few years I kept ripping hamstrings and quads because I’d torn a groin (adductor?) without realising it.