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Steroids and Info about PCT


I have used trenh 300mg pre week and testosterone E 500mg per week for 5 weeks with no pct 1 year ago .I have low sex drive and weak erections ,difficulty losing fat, depressed all d time after tht cycle .T level is 469ng/dl and doctors say it is normal but it doesn't seems normal to me.

pls reply if anybody have answer of my query . m 23 year old



  1. NEVER use your real name on a forum like this. Steroids are illegal, try and stay under the radar if you want to have a job and life outside of jail.

  2. As the owner of 2 small scale fitness businesses in India, i can tell you this.


The media portrays what they need to portray and mislead youth. 85% of trainers in india have not even completed schooling, and 94% of them have no certification or qualification to train others. They got mediocre results using broscience.

OUT OF the 6% that are qualified, only half of them actually follow a scientific approach to fitness, and keep up with the latest research and scientific breakthroughs in the field.

i cant blame you for trying to build a good physique, but next time, dont follow your friends, indian trainers, media, or some online “Guru” when it comes to steroids.

Go to a proper damn prep coach (there are only 4 prep coaches that i trust in india).

As for your query, go see an endocrinologist.

Inbox me and i’ll connect you with someone that will be able to help you


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