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Steroids and Heart Problems

Hy guys!
I am planning 'bout doing a mild cycle(also first cycle), but there are some facts I can’t overcome. Almost everybody in my close family has some heart or blood preassure issues. I haven’t yet really find anything regarding the subject, that’s why I am asking you, maybe you guys over here have some experience with such things. As for me, I am absolutely healthy at the moment, 19 years old, male.
The cycle is quite basic I think:
1-14 Weeks:
25 mg Test-prop ED
25 mg Proviron ED
250 IU HCG E3D
7-14 Weeks:
20 mg Stanazolol ED
40 mg Anavar ED
15-18 Weeks:
Nolvadex 20 mg ED
DAA 600 mg ED
Tribulus 1g ED

Clomid: 100-50-50-25/15-16-17-18 weeks.
So I would like to ask if there are any better compounds considering I am probably genetically more catchy for heart and bloodpreassure problems.
I am looking forward to your answers guys,
Yours faithfully,
A noobie

I would appreciate any studies, or so, about the thread.

Why pin test prop ed? Why use only 175mg test prop a week? Why use proviron? Why use winstrol? Why use tribulus? Do some more homework before considering a cycle.

Says the 18 year old that weighs less than 130lb at over 6ft and trained for 3 months considering a cycle.

Seriously what the hell is going on.


Rod Stewart was addicted to steroids and weighed less than me:

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Prednisone’s a hell of a drug. Should have done a proper PCT.


Hey Chrono!
I read a couple of studies on test. 175mg a day would probably shoot my levels trough the roof. Since it will be my first cycle, I would first go with the lower end, would pin everyday to have balanced levels whole week. Why not use proviron and winstrol? Test is aromatizing as I know,retenting water,that way upper bloodpressure, so why I wouldn’t use the Proviron? Also don’t understand your problem with Tribulus, guys on this forum recommending it a lot. And I am 19, 183 lbs, 10-12% bf appr.
Is the winstrol that bad for health? The studies and articles I read, it is considered to be a safe one, except for the joints.

I’d use at least 250mg test a week. You don’t need to pin every day. Ideally pin every four to five days. In practice once a week is fine. Winstrol and proviron are pretty much useless. Why not try test 500mg a week? You’ll need an AI if you are going to use more than 250mg a week. Tribulus is useless too. Check the studies. You’ll definitely want HCG and clomid for PCT.

Thanks for your fast reply
So let’s say I drop winny and prov, and up test to 250mgs a weeks. Still Prop is a short acting ester, its half life is like 4 days, so I don’t understand, why would I wait 4-5 days or a week even.
Also it is from the pharmacy, 1ml contains 50mgs of test-prop. I would rather pin everyday than pinning every5 days in 5 places… :smiley: I chose prop, because as I read, it makes less bloating from water, than other esters.
Could you explain it to me, please? :slight_smile:

Sorry I was thinking of cypionate. You’re right. More frequent pinning is better with prop. Every other day would suffice.

Dear dt79!
I don’t take prednizon, why would I? :smiley:

Ohh i see now, Rod did that shit… :smiley:
Bless him

Yup and you had better not listen to anything @chrono tells you since he doesn’t even know the difference between AAS and corticosteroids.

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The article I read just said “steroids” so I assumed AAS.

If heart problems and blood pressure problems run in your family, I would advice you not to mess with gear. It is not worth your life just to have some muscles. Steroids do effect your heart and blood pressure, everybody’s body is different and reacts towards steroids differently. You are more susceptible to cardiac myopathy, and other problems that steroids can cause.

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you jumping on yet @kd13?

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No it’s really not for me mate, I understand people’s reasons for using, obviously if you want to push on above and beyond after years of hard work to reach a higher level it would be a must.

For me the risk is not worth the reward, I enjoy training first and foremost and just being in gym and looking reasonable is enough for me.

I don’t normally post in here because I know nothing about gear but sometimes I read some stupid stuff and can’t help it.


Thank you for your responses, guys!
I will think it over.

See no gains with this cycle. Why don’t you see a doctor before starting the cycle, just for a check? See if you don’t have any problems with heart valves, blood, etc… I did it before starting my life with steroids… it’s called = safe mode.
It’s hard to know if you’re gonna have some problem related with heart… I do have a problem with my left valve, it doesn’t close the right way, they call concave valve, but I have it from birth… I know because I did my check before starting steroids. Do it man, its good.

Why no gainz, Thiago? :slight_smile: