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Steroids and Heart Failure Study




Truth or BS?


Looks damning at first, and maybe they're on to something. But what concerns me is the following:

1) The study was based on a group of 19 people, 12 AAS users and 7 non users (or so they say). I don't see how you can draw conclusions about anything based on such a small sample

2) We have no idea of the ages of the respondents, nor their BF %, nor their eating habits, etc.

3) Of the AAS users we don't know how many are mild users vs. heavy users. We also don't know what substances they were using. Some may have been on test only while others might have been stacking with Dbol and/or Tren, for example. I would imagine that a guy taking 1g of Test a week + 30mg Dbol a day + 750mg of Tren for a year straight might show some worrisome profiles.

Without those facts, it's unlikely I'll be worried enough to stop my cycle just yet.


I was just looking to generate some discussion. I personally don't buy the study at all. It's sample size is much too small, and the means of getting the individuals shady. TO say nothing of the other dozens of variables that could factor into why one's heart may be functioning below standard. For all we know some of the users may have family history of heart disease, shitty diet, excess amounts of fat, etc. etc. Pure BS IMO.


I just read about the study on another site. Last time I tried to post a link, it got deleted but I can tell you I found it on a site called the "Deccan Chronicle".

They say that the average age of the steroid users was 40 and on average they used 675 mg per week .. FOR NINE YEARS!!


I am not sure what they study is referring to, but cardiomyopathy is pretty well associated with steroid use, and even supposed natural "elite" powerlifters. LV hypertrophy primarily, but also dilated CM in less circumstances. Have your ejection fraction tested if you are concerned.


mmm interesting. When athletes have sudden death due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy the interventricular septum is so thick it obstructs the outflow tract. wonder if the hypertrophy is due to them being athletes or steroid use..