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Steroids and Growth

Hey everyone,

I am 18 yrs old
160 lbs
I AM still growing approx. an inch/year. But linear growth is starting to slow down now.

I am about to go on my first ever cycle (10/12 week cycle of Deca and Test-E respectively) in dosages of around about 400mg/wk with Novadex in PCT or possibly during it. What I wanted to know is this:

(I don’t just want to be told not to go on the cycle until I get older)

SO, assuming that I am just going to go ahead with my cycle anyway, despite all the growth stunting risks, what would be your words of advice to minimize the risks of premature growth plate fusing (or possibly even to promote growth) in going on this cycle?

Is estrogen the only factor that creates the risk?

Is there any way I can not be affected at all by this cycle in regards to bone growth?

I would appreciate any words of advice from people with experience. Anything at all!

Thanks alot guys…

Men can grow until their early twenties. I got my last inch and a half at 21. I don’t reccomend you do any gear until you are at least 25.

Furthermore, you may want to rethink your cycle design.

Don’t do roids.

You are too young, inexperienced and weigh less than my dinner last night.

I just want to tell you not to go on the cycle until you get older.

I am going to give you some advice that you aren’t going to listen to. But I am going to give it anyway, try to pay attention.
I see shit like this everyday, and more so on this site … “WANNA-BE’s”. Everyone want to be this or wants to be that:

-I want to be big and strong, but I don’t want to eat right and lift heavy weights.
-I want to lose some fat, but I don’t want to eat right and go on a strict diet.
-I want to use steroids (to accomplish the two things I listed previously), but I don’t want to deal with any negative side-effects, or have to inject all the time, or inject at all, or follow the advice of others and run an intelligent cycle.

You catching my point? Everyone wants to BE something, but they don’t want to DO what is necessary to be what they want.

You want to get bigger. Are you doing what is necessary to get bigger? Are you eating properly? Are you training intelligently? Are you sleeping right? Are you supplementing right? I will answer that for you: NO! YOU ARE NOT DOING THESE THINGS!

How do I know? Because you are 18 and 160lbs. You probably don’t take enough protein, you probably don’t eat a big breakfast, you probably don’t take in enough fat, you probably don’t take in enough calories, you probably don’t sleep enough.

How do I probably know this? Because I know grown men who can’t do these things right. I know a 18 yr old isn’t going to do this.
I was 18 once as well, a shredded up 170lbs. Oh yeah, I had ripped abs, separated biceps, and veins all over the place.

I was a top athlete and got many Div.I scholarship offers. I thought I looked good. I thought I knew everything about lifting and eating. I DIDN’T KNOW ANYTHING! And I wasn’t ready for steroids. And I still used them. And the benefit they provided was transitory. I look back and realize that I am very lucky that I didn’t seriously screw myself up.

You can go ahead and use your deca and test. You can gain some weight and feel pretty good about yourself. But you won’t keep your gains. Why? Because you don’t know how to gain muscle in the first place, how are you going to maintain extra muscle?

And you can’t avoid the negative effects of steroids, there is no getting around it. You have to take the bad with the good. But the good won’t be all that good because you won’t keep your gains. And you will damage you potential for future growth, and you will mess up your hormone profile.

So quit being a WANNA-BE. Be a WANNA-DO. Look at what you want to be and ask yourself: “What do I have to DO to get what I want?” Steroids are a pathway to get to where you want to be, if you take on all the bad that comes with it. Or you can look at what you are doing and determine if your behavior matches your goals. It probably doesn’t.

So don’t ask us “How can I take steroids and not fuck myself up?” You are going to fuck yourself up. Just make sure that the pay-off is worth the risk.

Assuming your growth is basically the same as the average person in your class, would you mind being 2" shorter that you are right now (and for the rest of your life) to go through a cycle and gain some temporary muscle?

it sounds pretty ridiculous, and considering you only weigh 160 lbs, you obviously have lots of untapped natural potential left. stay steroid free and learn how to put on muscle. that way, if you decide to do a cycle later on, you’ll at least have a solid foundation.

why don’t you post your workout/diet/supps, there are tons of people here who give really good advice.

Thanks lattimus, that was some of the best bodybuilding advice I’ve ever heard… Respect for everybody for helping a beginner out.

So as sean_mur88 suggested I’ll tell you just my supps at the moment to keep this short:

4 servings(160g) WPI approx.

2 SERVINGS Cellmass (after training/before sleep)

Multi Vitamins

Fish Oil


It’s a pretty short list. Please give me some suggestions regarding supps. What do you think should be added to that list I’ve already got?

Big question:
Is Tribulus and ZMA worth taking? I heard they are really great for natural test boosting, but do they actually make a difference to your workout and gains? Any experience with them?

[quote]sk3389 wrote:
Big question:
Is Tribulus and ZMA worth taking? I heard they are really great for natural test boosting, but do they actually make a difference to your workout and gains? Any experience with them?

Not trying to sound like a dick, but you seem to be looking for a magic supplement. At your age you need nothing but lots of training, food and rest. That’s it.

I wish I started when I was younger - look what my cousin achieved in 3 months at 18 years of age - and now he’s even bigger (arms are up to 18" @ 19years old - NATURALLY). He eats anything he can, and trains like a beast, and doesn’t focus on any minute details. I’ve helped him a bit, but he’s a lot bigger than I am so I shut the fuck up and just watch.

Here is a thread he made a while back:

Hmmm… didn’t touch steroids until I was 41.

Before your cycle, do this for 12 weeks:

  • buy some old fashion oats, whole milk, flax oil and some whey. 6 times a day, grind up 1 cup of oats to a fine powder, add 2 cups of milk, 1 table spoon of flax and 50-75 grams of protein powder in a blender, flavor to taste and suck it down. Then eat 3 regular meals a day.

Then for your work outs, Squat, Deadlift and Bench 3 times a week 5x5 of each and try to add 5 to 10 lbs a week. Review your progress after 12 weeks. If you want to throw in some arm work, add standing BB curls after each session.

If you don’t make progress off this then steroids won’t do much for you…good luck.

These guys are giving some great advice. I would say go ahead and throw in some ZMA 30-90 minutes before you go to sleep, tribulus products will probably have little to know effect on you.

You should have high test levels, try going to a doctor and get a blood panel to see how every thing is going if you are really that worried. YOu are fine, just start lifting and training SMARTLY and if you have the genetics you should swole up…

You most likely will limit your growth in height if you take steroids now. Wait 2-4 years. You’ll look much more massive if your taller plus you will be able to pack more muscle on a larger frame.

You won’t regret waiting. You will regret starting now.