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Steroids and Creatine


Is it unhealthy to be taking creatine during your steroid cycle and will it even make a difference in performance while on the steroids? Im guessing that it depends which kind of steroid.. im currently stacking Testosterone with deca


I was wondering the same, I'm on Masteron and Test and have a shit ton of creatinz sitting around gathering dust.


NEVER do creatine when on AAS! The last guy I knew who did that never even finished mixing the powder into his drink...


Some guys wait to use the creatine during PCT. It helps physiologically and psychologically during PCT because you're going to be losing some size and strength and creatine can help make up for that. A little bit.


creatine during cycle in my opinion is a waste..save it for PCT and in between cycles


AAS and creatine do two completely different things.

They are fine to use together.

Performance wise? Why dont you use the damn creatine and find out for yourself. Are you afraid of the 'drug interaction' or something else as completely nonsensical as that?


I read (on these forums actually) that taking creatine while on a cycle makes barely any benefit from the creatine and also that you gain to much water weight... So Bonez can i use creatine with ASS or no?


Wait nvm you answered that already


I've actually never used Creatine properly, I bought some when I was 20 when I first began training and It made me bloated so I stopped taking it, I picked a load up cheap from a friend recently and forgot about it. I'l give it a try again thanks.


I have heard that AAS can make you store more creatine than when off (pretty much like the extra glycogen storage i believe), how much of that is true? Anyone has noted a difference when taking more than 5g/day on a cycle?


I have taken three doses at 5-6mg a day during this cycle, and unfortunately too many variables block any intelligent signals at this point. I can't tell if it's causing bloat, strength gains, more rapid recovery. I just can't tell. I have to urinate more often, but that's a given. I'm on 50mg single dose before workout periods daily of the Dbol, 500mg/week twin injections (twice a week injections rather), and the creatine dosage stated above. Wish I could add something to the thread, but it's too difficult to tell... Night sweats are in full swing, woman still walks funny, and my weight has shot up 18lbs. in the first three weeks, I'm on day 22 now.


creatine should be a staple supplement right along with protein and fish oil. Not just for bodybuilding reasons, this compound does many wondeful things in our bodies that go far beyond physique goals. Primarily the action of dramatically lowering homocysteine levels in the body which is i primary marker in many types of disease. Google "how creatine lenghtens your life span" there is a ton of reasearch on this.


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yes folate is the other method often used, creatine is just recently being studied for this purpose, primarily in prevention of "mental illness" and related maladies. i thought i sent you that info before? regardless you can find the research on the net.




Unfortunately human studies done to date don't appear to be as favorable as the above work which was done on rats.

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(abstract only)


interestingly enough i will have data within a few months to see what effect it had on me personally. BBB knows my whole story but briefly i work with a functional medicine specialist that fine tunes my blood chemisty to keep me healthy and happy.

Last time around we saw an elevated homocysteine level that was not alarming but still of concern. I upped the creatine and we will be drawing new labs in about a month, i know a statistical set of one is fairly meaningless but regardless it should be interesting.


Nice, please update the thread or start a new one when you get the numbers. It's definitely interesting - and all too rare - to see test results of this sort in someone that trains hard, as opposed to someone that's already seriously ill.


Thank you please post the results on here as well as make a new thread if you can..


Hey what do are taking while on your cycle, do you take estrogen blocker or.liver protecter