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Steroids and Cardiac Hypertrophy?


Let's try again - BBB or any other smart person

Is there any evidence that anabolic steroids increase cardiac muscle hypertrophy any more than weight training or endurance training for that matter increases left ventricle growth?



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Depends on the steroid.

List of complete drugs you have taken please:

Include, ephedrine, clenbuterol, T3, testosterone, deca, tren...

ANY Prohormones or over the counter stuff when it was legal, and now (some stuff is still legal).

DMT derivatives (Pheraplex, p-plex that stuff) for example is associated with some issues.

Basically yes, there are plenty of steroids that enlarge the heart and can cause issues.

Basic outlines of what you have taken in the past and the dosages/durations will allow us to give you a pretty straight answer as to why you might have some issues.

But also remember that most issues are simply compounded by improper steroid usage, MANY MANY people have undiagnosed heart conditions that they live their whole lives with fairly sedentary and are never aware of.

Hence in current years kids dropping dead suddenly in sports is becoming more common, because the minor heart defects only cause issues under high stress loads...since our society rarely experiences these, the heart defects are not "natural selecting" themselves out of the gene pool.

I would highly recommend anyone interested in heavy steroid usage and powerlifting/weightlifting or highly competitive high stress activities...to go to a doctor and get their heart checked out with an EKG and a scan first to check for serious heart defects.

In highschool we had 2 kids drop dead of heart defects and die instantly, 4 guys I know personally needed surgery in highschool to correct holes and valve issues that only became apparent after they started competing in sports at a high level.

I myself have an improper heart arrhythmia called a shadow beat or a ghost double or something, heart will sometimes skip its one of its contractions then fire twice in rapid succession, so instead of lub dub lub dub it goes lub dub....lub lub, feels freaky.

It causes pretty severe pain when it hits and feels really weird. I had to wear an electronic heart monitor strapped to my chest for a week or two, and I had lots of EKGs and MRIs

In the end they basically told me, it hurts and its odd, but its not serious enough to risk fixing and we are not entirely sure we could fix it as its seems fairly random.

Scary stuff, but definitely something to think about if you intend to play with things that HIGHlY stress the body and allow you to place incredible loads on your muscles and organs during workouts and recovery.


I wonder if that is something I should consider before I begin?

My doctor told me I have a minor, and functional heart murmur. How serious do pre existing conditions need to be before you start worrying?


Do you supplement with magnesium? Low magnesium levels often cause heart arrhythmia.


Yes, I was taking fairly substantial doses of multivitamins at the time.

Granted I was a tri-sport so I was heavily over taxed in terms of recovery. But they did do blood work when I first came in with pain and didnt mention anything about trashed levels of anything.

I ate more than adequate vegetables and such at the urging of my somewhat rural raised mother, and took animal pak, which was what I thought was the best multi at the time.

This should have more than covered my basic requirements.

There is little else I knew to do, or even could have done back then, certainly megadosing or even IV vitamin packs would have been better...but I was a kid.


Even large doses of multivitamins doesn't help too much with magnesium levels. Most of them contain magnesium oxide which is poorly bioavailable. Leafy green vegetables are a reasonable source, but it is damn hard to get enough in everyday.

Standard blood tests do not reveal magnesium deficiencies either. Magnesium is so important, the WHO released a book last year about widespread Mg deficiency and the case for adding it to the water supply. It is so important for cardovascular health, its beyond belief when you actually read the references. Magnesium citrate is the best in terms of cost/bioavailability. Its great for muscle tension and strains too.


Unlike most that said they got enough leafy veggies, I really did get more than one serving of them everyday from my mother.

I dont doubt I could have been deficient, but certainly, unless you grew up on a small farm, you would not have had a much better diet than I did growing up.

If I was deficient it was because even a healthy diet could not support my activity level.


Seemingly top shape people and athletes dropping dead from enlarged heart do scare the piss out of me. It seems genetics though.


It is interesting to note that some bodybuilders and powerlifters have heart problems latter in life and some drop over early on. BBB, so you saying that effect on the heart is transient only during the time of using except when combining GH and an androgen?


keep eye on Bloodpressure, high BP leads to size increase on your left ventricle chamber wich will fuck you up.

all highintensity athletes suffer from enlarged hearts but the heart is enlarged symmetrically, so a healthy heart will withstand this but if you do high level sports you can expect to shorten your lifespan with a few years from enlarged heart.

marathon runners, cyclists, OL lifters PL lifters, football players etc etc.

My heart is not dramatically enlarged even tho I have bee doing heavy cycles for about 2 years with no breaks, 1-4g / week.
But my heart is healthy from the get go, genetics and being well informed about you health status has dramatic impact.


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Heart murmers are not un-common, as well as the ability for the body to correct this (if you have a heart murmer at a young age). I was diagnosed with a mild heart murmer at around 17-18 years of age; and at age 26 I was told there was no discernible/detectable murmer.