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Steroids and Bodybuidling


I recently turned on tv and saw the arnold classic on one of the higher up channels. I saw these guys and i was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME...First of all im 17 and im just getting into lifting weights....i want to get big yes..but not THAT big. These guys were HUGEEEEE, and i mean 2x the size of arnold especially in their quads.

Then i realized something...bodybuilders have known about diet for a long time(eating lots of protein)...they have had free weights for as long as body building as existed..and for the most part..going as far back as the 70s..their knowledge on diets and lifting weights were basically the same level as ours now. Why is it that the guys today are SOOOOO much bigger. Is this proof that they use steroids?...i mean how else explain their size...


It would behoove you to look through these forums a bit more. Yes, these guys are absolutely massive because of the massive amount of 'roids they take, the massive amount of food they eat, and the massive amount of time they spend in the gym. They're also, for the most part, massively unhealthy. Now go read through these massive forums.


No bid surprize man. Yes todays Pro BB'ers, well the ones winning the titles are using TRUCK loads of drugs including steroids, GH, etc..

Sure Arnold and the like did some as well but NO where near the obscene amounts these guys are using.


Yup. Some bodybuilders do in fact use steroids. Given that you are new to this I'll let you in on it. Unless explicitly stated and sometimes regardless of rules- Those guys are juiced to the gills. Women too.


bodybuilder use AAS?


my whole world view has been shattered..:frowning:

next thing you know I'll hear that santa claus isn't real...


Phew! What a relief. For a moment there I thought I was going to become too huge if I kept on training/eating like I am...


Ya mean it's not just CEE and NO2? OMG!
But..but..aren't steroids illegal?
I thought they were all just taking Mongotech supplements.

O.K., no more sarcasm.

Yep kiddo, all the pros juice, and heavily too I might add. And don't think all the "natural" contests are natural either. There "testing clean" and then there is "being clean". It is an ongoing cat and mouse game.

And all those fitness babes and figure contestants? Well most of them use too to some degree to keep their bodyfat low.


Yeah I think you might be on to something here. Good theory it would explain a lot. It kind of disillusions me a bit but now you mention it I really don't think there's any other way to explain it....ha,ha..I take it your a tad new to body building.


Bodybuilder are definetly clean. They take those pills that encourages GH production and those steroid replacement pack and lo and behold! They become 350 pounds of pure muscle!


Weren't we all this naive once? :slight_smile:


I used to think Arnold was natural...when I was 16. That was a long time ago.



It is kind of refreshing isn't it?


I never thought Arnold was natural, but then I've always had a sceptical nature. It makes me very good at what I do.


LOL depending on how Old you are he may still have been.


So its not possible to get THAT big without roids?..i dont mean theoretically..i mean like for real. Can someone get that big without roids? Also i got another question...once i get to a certain size...and i dont want to get any bigger, how do i keep the muscle and not gain anymore?


wow @ some of these responses.

roids have not caused today's BBers to be bigger than Arnie and his contemporaries; Arnie and co used a bunch. eating a lot also has not caused it; that will only cause a small 'intestinal' bloat after eating a large meal (we all know what this is like).

Ronnie and co look differently from Arnie and co because of Growth Hormone and Insulin injections. this causes more protein synthesis (especially when combined with roids) and the side effect 'lean pregnancy' (which doesn't have anything to do with roids, IIRC).

somebody please correct me if i'm wrong.


  1. if you get as big as genetically possible then start juicing you'll get bigger. so no, it's not possible to achieve a 'roided' physique when not using.

dont confuse this with comparing a skinny beginner who uses with a big beginner who doesn't use. a general rule is that everybody can gain 40-60 pounds of muscle naturally, and that's it. 40 for hardgainers and 60 for the freaks. this also must factor in their starting point when determining max size. so, hypothetically, a freak could get bigger naturally than a weakling could using. this may not be true though; it's just speculation.

  1. depends on how big you want to get. if you want to get to any kind of hugeness then it'll be quite a while before you achieve this, and you should have researched the answer by then.


Everyone who is big is not on drugs. Anyone giving you that picture of bodybuilding is doing everyone a disservice. Chances are, the PRO'S, as in the guys who walk across the Olympia stage, are on shit. There are many big guys walking around who aren't.

As far as your last question, I don't think you have a clue how much effort, training and consistency it takes to put on a great deal of size. It takes a conscious effort to get that much bigger. It doesn't happen by accident and most of the people with any truly credible size on them have been training for over 10 years. That means your last question is the wrong question to ask. Why? Because no one ever got humungous by mistake. If you don't want to get bigger, you stop eating more and stop lifting more. I have never run into the person who said, "I never wanted to be this big, I just woke up one day big as a mutherfucker".


I hate blanket statements like this. No one can gain more than 60lbs without drugs? I know what you mean, but most beginners won't.


It's more so the combination of GH (and/or IGF-1), insulin AND steroids. GH and insulin by themselves will do little, but they greatly enhance what steroids can do.