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Steroids and Blood Pressure


Just wanted to know for those of you whos blood pressure increases when using steroids what do you put in place to manage it?

I am 3 weeks into a relatively low dosed cycle of test and tren and found that i was getting regular headaches so went and had my blood pressure checked and it was 160/95 which is a very high reading. I am now going to get checked every couple of days to confirm the results before coming off the cycle or going to see a doc.

It was similar on my last cycle of test only but short of ceasing use entirely is the only real solution meds if you cannot decrease this yourself? as 3 weeks in i would not expect to have such a high reading as don't have much water retention and have been completing some cardio which i would not do if not on cycle.


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The same thing happened to me, my BP is always in the low 120/80 range off cycle, but on a cycle of 750mg/wk of test with 400 mg/wk of tren it jumped to 150/110. I found that a cycle of lower test (200 mg/wk) with higher tren (400-600 mg/wk) lowered it to around 130/80. In addition, I added hawthorn berry, magnesium and lowered my sodium intake and increased my adex.

I am not sure if it is the lower test or the supplements and lower sodium or maybe a combination of both, but it is down to a reasonable level now. I would suggest that you buy a blood pressure monitor (around $50) with the larger cuff and check it a few times a day.


Hey guys thank for the posts - haven't had a chance to get on here to check for a while. Yes i am using an AI - Arimidex. I have since dropped my test and upped my tren slightly which seems to have alleviated some of the probs i was having such as headaches etc. I have since bought a blood pressure monitor as well which i received this week. Took my first reading on the home machine yesterday and it was 145/85 which is better but will continue to monitor it reguarly to get an average.


What is your specific dosing? How many mgs of tren? What is your AI dose? What is a basic description of your macronutrient and water intake? What about alcohol and smoking? Have you noticed moderate to severe swelling in your feet and lower legs?