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Steroids and Birth Defects?


Ever Heard of Such a Thing?

I've got a worried grandmother asking if steroid use by a father can affect a child in anyway, her grandson is having nightmares so bad at first they thought they were seizures. If the father was on cycle when the kid was conceived could that have any affect? Even assuming the worst, a way overdone and poorly planned cycle... I'm 99% certain of the answer, but she's a sweet lady and I told her I'd research it a little more.

Thanks everybody.


Her grandson being you?


Ha no. Just a lady I see around town, she asked me because I'm about her son's age and she knows I'm in the gym a lot.


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gee theres a thought. I literally hate these parents that comlain about their childrens behavioral symptoms all while smoking a cigarette , purchasing a case of mountain dew, and stuffing a candy bar in the little bastards mouth because "he wanted it".

From my expreience working with a leading functional medicine specialist that focuses on childrens issues about 80% of all of them are "cured" by eliminating all sugar/dairy/wheat/gluten ... i have seen it over and over. People (especially americans) feed their pets FAR BETTER than they feed their children. OK rant over...not directed at the OP...just a touchy subject with me (and bushy obviously)




That's what I thought, I just wanted to double check with folks more experienced.

Thanks again.


Thank you for that!!! I laughed my ass off. "Little bastards mouth" Priceless!!

But sincerely, thank you! After I finished laughing I read it to my 12 and 9 year old sons who complain all the time about what I won't let them eat. They think they are the only kids in America that don't get cereal for breakfast, or soda all the time, and so on...


I admit I wondered about ASS and birth defects when I saw that so many NFL players had children with severe issues. Could be absolutely unrelated of course, but it got me thinking. "Sperm texture" is definitely not always the same on cycle than it is normally. I even remember reading a female poster here say her man tasted different on Tren - Man do we discuss deep matters here :slight_smile:

Not to highjack thread but damn, can you point me to articles, forums and the like, to help me find ways to have my kids eat the right stuff and find alternatives. I'm no weak parent, and my kids do eat well overall but still, elimination sugar for me is tough enough, for them it's REALLY something. Even finding out what to give them instead is a challenge.


Actually, it's more simple than you think. The same rules that apply to you apply to them for the most part. Oatmeal with berries of some kind is a breakfast staple. Fruits and vegetables. I try not to be a "food-nazi" but if I know it's not good for me, then it's not good for them. I'm sure you've heard "shop the perimeter of the store"? It's pretty true! If it's in a box or pre-packaged, there is a good chance it's no good for you.


Just to add: I'm SURE I read prisoner mention something along the lines of what BBB just said years back. Prisoner and BBB should be reassurance enough :wink:

Good luck!


I'd agree with that, but i'd also say that up to a certain age kids only know by example....so if you are always eating healthy food around them and telling them how much you love it (even if it's a lie) they start to accept it as normal and tasty through psychological reinforcement. If you eat sugar, don't let them see it. Obviously that will only work to a certain age, but the more they see you "loving it" the less they bitch. I know a few people who have almost no junk cravings because they grew up on a farm and how the family ate was "normal" even though it would have quaified for "health nut" or borderline paleo by most standards. Of course at school they were introduced to sugary junk, but the pattern set at home largely eliminated their sugar binges.


if its not in the house they can't eat it...fairly simple. This alone would solve 90% of the porblem for most people. The reality is most people want their shit food in the house...get it out...don't bring it back...when they get hungry enough...they will eat.


I grew up on pretty much only healthy food, very country style. Home grown veggies and everything from scratch.

I rarely eat junk food, and I get sick of it really fast if I do try to start eating it just for calories.


Amen to what everyone has said so far. There is a lot of evidence that we develop/ingrain much of our taste preferences in the first several years of life, thus emphasizing the importance of parents providing healthy foods and avoiding junk at this time. I am eternally grateful to my mother for never letting me get Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops, etc. or Coke/Pepsi. Like most kids I did not like eating my vegetables, so to make it easier she would puree them and then freeze the puree in an ice cube dish, thawing a cube out whenever it was time for me to eat them.


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I can barely eat frozen veggies from a bag.

Farmers markets or decent grocery store are a huge advantage.

Fresh stuff cooked properly is practically snack food, I can sit there and eat a bowl of broccoli with a little butter and lemon juice like popcorn.


Just lurking on the web I found an article related to this, saying that only 15mg DBOL a day would change your sperm quality and quantity. It was even worse with 250mg test E/week

I dont want to go against what BBB says, i just want to show the other side of the coin and im really interested in the opinion of him, as i really trust everthng he sais about AAS usage.


Hopefully this study is wrong and we all can have a restfull sleep knowing we wont be guilty about any birth defect that could eventually happen...=S


amen! i would never let my kids eat all the crap i see other parents give them