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Steroids After Heart Attack

I would Like to use Steroids. I has a heart Attacke 10 monts .I got 2 stend .I am 45 .I need recomend .what should I use. witch is not bed for the colesterin.
Thanks.Of course I will Consulting with the doctor.I Just want to know which testo or Steroid not raise the colesterin levels

You’re joking right?

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This is not a good idea. You could look into trt with a doctor as low t is not great for the heart either.

I wouldn’t roll the dice when they are weighted against me.

Don’t. Not without a doctor prescribing it and monitoring you. Other than that, don’t.

Why’d you have a heart attack at 45? Familial hypercholesterolemia? Uncontrolled hypertension? Heavy smoking and/or recreational drug use? Prior gear use?

Either way, super terrible idea to use. Healthy people have heart attacks from gear use (cumulative dosing), let alone someone who has already had one.

Why did you have a heart attack at 45?

Haha we posted the same in the same minute!

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I know someone who was otherwise fit, incredibly healthy. Had a heart attack in his 40s (or was it in his 50s?). He’s alive, genetics can be a bitch.

Those guys who walk around undiagnosed and untreated with atrocious lipid profiles (think LDL 300+ with borderline low HDL), that’s heart attack at 45 material.

People should be screened for FH if a familial history of cardiovascular disease is present. The condition is atrociously under-treated and under recognized. If left untreated, severe heterozygous FH can easily dock 20-30 years off.

I thought of the exact same disease when I opened this thread.

The real question is not which steroids you should use, or even whether you should use them at all. Rather, it is whether you should be engaging in intense weightlifting in the first place. Has your doctor cleared you to do so?

Have you seen the new advancements regarding treatment options. Pcsk-9 inhibitors are tremendously effective and appear to be more tolerable in comparison to statins.

It’ll be interesting to see long term data down the line regarding cardiovascular risk reduction in comparison to statins, potential long term side effects etc.

Good luck getting insurance to cover that shit though.

Yes of course I will ask the doctor. I am not stupid .I Just want to know witch testo or Steroid not Make bigger colesterin level

All of them skew lipids to an extent. They also promote the progression/formation of atherosclerosis through other mechanisms (oxidative stress, increased homocysteine etc).

They also cause cardiac enlargement over time, predispose one to arrhythmia via many, many mechanisms. Having had a heart attack you already have some degree of permenant damage. Using gear is a serious gamble at this point, legitimately akin to playing russian roulette.

You don’t want to be taking shit that skews lipids, increases blood pressure and promotes maldaptive cardiac enlargement (as opposed to exercise induced physiologic enlargement).

Get your bloods done.
If low-T and symptoms, get on replacement.

Edit: More than this would be dangerous and I don’t think anyone would want to be liable for that advice.
Find a good endo and work together.

To be fair, TRT has contraindications. Pre-existing, extensive heart disease would probably be one of these “errrrrr” factors.

I’m no doctor, but if I’d just had a heart attack I’d probably want to wait until I’m in stable condition prior to hopping on the TRT train.

Advising you to use gear would be criminal. You’re an adult and are thus liable to make your own decisions (and reap the consequences, which in your case could very well be imminent death). @Eyedentist is a physician and bodybuilder/physique athlete (look at his avatar), take his advice.

Get cleared to lift weights (that is, if you can). Life isn’t always fair, I’m sorry you’ve had a heart attack. On a positive note, you’re alive! Using gear would probably fuck that up for you.

Yes I already told him to work with an endo.

Yes. Antibodies are so great but so expensive. Evolocumab for example is great in combination with statins for FH. My pharmacology prof loved them so I learned PCSK9-Is intensely for my examination.

I got a funny story from the pharmacy where I work right now. There was a guy a few weeks ago, he came in and we know him, he’s got psoriasis on his arms. He got a lot of immunosuppressants in the last few years; methotrexate and others. He was enrolled in a study from Novartis where they tried an antibody which is currently only registered for use in one other autoimmune disease. He said “I never got my condition under control, then I get this new medication in the clinical trial and after 14 days I’m symptom free! The trial ended 4 weeks ago and after 4 weeks on this stuff (it was methotrexate again) all the skin problems are coming back!”
He tried to get our opinion and the price of the medication to get it off label and covered by his insurance. It is 5000€ for a month. Good luck.

This! An myocardial infarction alone is a problem which could lead to scarring, remodeling and arrhythmia. Now add steroids which do the same.

I guess the safest roids for you are the safest as for anybody else. With the special that you shouldn’t experiment and you could die very early. If I was you and set on using, I’d wait at least 3 years after the MI.

Yes I talk with the doctor .I can Do weight lifting

Familien history