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Steroids Affected By Propecia?


I'm concerned with hair loss. It's a genetic thing for me. I've been taking propecia for a few years and it works great. I know that Deca and Primo are supposed to be easy on the hair but all the discussions I've read never mention whether or not one is taking propecia during the cycle or if propecia remains effective at preventing hair loss with the addition of steroids. Also I know that propecia remains effective with test.

I guess I'm still somewhat confused as to which steroids will not counteract or circumvent propecia's effectiveness at preventing hair loss and which steroids will still accelrate hair loss regardless of what other drug you take.

Simply, what are the options for someone who:
1-Does not want to stop taking propecia?
2-Does not want to take a steroid that renders propecia useless.
and 3-Does not want to take a steroid that is negatively affected by a DHT blocking agent?

*Are DHT derived AS's going to be rendered useless or affected in any way if taken with propecia? If yes, How so?

*What bulking drugs are affected and not affected and which cutting drugs are affected and not affected by propecia?

I've been looking all over T-Nation as well as over the internet and while I HAVE found SOME information on this topic I have yet to find a definitive, organized list that clearly answers this question.

I've been a member here for enough time to know that you guys know what youre talking about. I'm sure that I'm not the only one with this concern either so help me out and lets make this post a sticky.




I can't speak from experience as I've never used Proscar, but from what I've read, the only steroids that propecia will be effective with are testosterone, methyltestosterone, and halotestin.


How about MAG-10? Anyone know if Propecia would decrease the effectiveness of MAG-10? If it would decrease the effectiveness of primo, I assume it might for MAG-10 as well since they are similar.


Finasteride is a 5-alpha reductase type 2 inhibitor, it is not a DHT blocker but it does block the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

Therefore, a DHT derived agent will still function in all its wonders and will of course have all its side effects on hair, rendering finasteride ''useless'' since it is being bypassed by the DHT-agent.

Agents that would be rendered mostly useless by finasteride would be pro-hormones that would have no effects before their conversion to a DHT derivative, which are not what you are refering to (as PH are not AAS by definition).

Any AAS that can be alpha-reduced to a DHT derivative will reduce the effectiveness of finasteride at preventing hairloss since finasteride does not completely inhibit the reducting enzyme (about 80% inhibition at 5mg/day and a bit less at 1mg/day). It follows that an increase in the amount of substrate will result into an increased amount of formed product (since 5a-reductase reactions follow first-order kinetics).

In this case, only testosterone compounds are sure to be somewhat blocked in their conversion to DHT, therefore maintaining most of their effects on muscle without bypassing the enzyme in the scalp but it does mean that more DHT products will be generated (when compared to a ''clean'' individual).

So the only hair safe compounds would be a non-DHT, non-reducable compound. Besides that, a testosterone coumpound is the only other alternative but you can expect more hairloss than you are currently experiencing. Possibly a switch to Avodart (dutasteride) could help minimize the effects since it has (some)more 5a-reductase inhibitory activity (but that would go even without taking AAS).

I am sorry I can't help you more with names of compounds as specific steroids are not my fort?.



SO primo and Var are out for someone who wants to continue getting the benefits of propecia while on AAS. Thanks. What about Whiny, Decca or EQ?
Also oral turanabol is a test derivative, though it's gone through some complex chemical changes. Would propecia or avodart ( I've got some too.) remain effective on an OT cycle?

I know that many of you guys just accept the hair loss as part of taking steroids. If that's the absolute truth then I guess I'll just bic it and be done but I still have all my hair because of propecia and I want to keep it.

My initial question still stands. And I honestly think that the answers could be useful to other people in my shoes. Hopefully Anthony, Cy or any of the other heavy weights on this site will reply and I'll compile all the answers and post the table when it's done.
thanks again.


Supposedly spironolactone can be used topically on the scalp to prevent or limit hairloss caused by DHT derivatives that bypass the 5ar mechanism. From what I've read it is an androgen blocker which competetively binds to the local androgen receptors. It does have the downside of causing some increase in estrogen though, although I haven't found much info yet on whether SERMs or AIs can combat this. More info on this would be appreciated if anyone knows.


I searched the site and posted what i thought were some of the most educated opionons on the matter in this thread...



So how old were you when you started taking propecia, Any sides , Do you notice your hair is much thicker

I am going to start soon !!


I stated taking it at 19. I have thin hair naturally but between using nizoral, propecia and cycling avodart in for 2-3 months every year so far I've been just fine. In the beginning i did notice some sexual side effects but they did go away. I guess my body adapted and now I'm totally fine.


Propecia works!! 4 years ago, when I join a new company and get to know a person who is bald on the top.. completely smooth and shine! After 2 yrs, one day I noticed something black on his head. When I looked closer, they were all "baby" hair and lots of them with full coverage!! I never had any attention on his head for the past 2yrs and when I did, it suprised me! He told me he told Propecia for almost 5yrs. After 2 months, I quit and wonderring if he has a full long hair now???


Wanted to add my 2 cents..I have been using finasteride for about 6 years now and used it throughout my first cycle (sustanon @ 500 mg/week) and my second/current cycle (primo/test/masteron). My first cycle net gain after pct was around 15 lbs and I've gained 8 so far on my current cycle. I have not noticed any more hair loss during the cycle, and AFAIK the inhibition of DHT conversion didn't hurt my gains much, if any. Not very scientific, I know, but that's been my experience.


Those are all good questions and I'm quite interested in ways to avoid speeding up hair loss, but IMO even if propecia reduces the muscle building effect of some steroids, you'll still gain a lot more than if you were natural! So that's not an issue.

What would be the issue for me is to avoid roids that cause hairloss and that taking propecia doesnt help.

I only take propecia while on cycle. I'd rather have shampoos like Nizoral or Nioxin to prevent hairloss than to take a drug forever.

Equipoise and Anavar are supposed to be a non-issue for hair loss. Combined with a little Test and some propecia and it's as good as it gets for muscle gains without hairloss IMO. Primo has a bad rep for hairloss according to some source. It's not as clear.

I have some Masteron on hand and I almost regret buying it. I've decided to use it at such a low dose with Test and EQ that hairloss shouldnt be a problem. If it is, I'll ditch it.

People saying just "accept" that you'll lose hair on roids is the equivalent of saying "why bother with bitch tits and a limp noodle? Just take it like a man". If there's a way to avoid unwanted side effects why not do it? Maybe you wont avoid them but at least you try!


I am in my 40's and have personal experience in hairloss. First of all I buy Proscar( it's 5mg per tab but can be cut into fours)as it's cheaper and a bigger bang for the buck. Also,get yourself a nutritional Prostate Formula that's heavy on the Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root. These natural substances appear to be very effective in blocking DHT. Finally, I use Nioxin but add a full 5mg's of finely crushed Proscar to the shampoo. I can honestly tell you that I have lost some hair, but I have managed a good counter using the above especially when cycling.