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Steroids=Acne or Just Bacne

When taking steroids is it normal to experience just bacne or is it acne in general? i.e. on face and chest, arms etc…

everyone is different. Some people don’t get acne at all and some get it very bad. I get it mostly on my back and shoulders, but it does show up on my face some too-mostly forehead. Just find some good acne cream or wash before you start.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. Do what I’m doing: Go get yourself a large amount of Accutane, some lip balm to go with it, and give it a couple months.

It seems to flair up at intervals. Maybe near the end of a cycle, or during part of PCT.

Mine is a mix of chestne / backne / neckne / but most is concentrated on the rear delts. I have had very little on my face. Maybe one or two bumps under the lower lip. It’s really not that bothersome. This is my personal experience.

It seems to mostly effect people in the: back, chest, and shoulder areas. It’s rare that it effects the face too much.

I’ve found acne washes to be absolutely worthless. I think the best bet is to get a hypoallergenic soap that notes it will not clog pores. I personally use the " Purpose " bar and it works well. For the face, over the counter Benzoyl Peroxide helps. But it’s hard to get that stuff all over your chest and back. I’ve found that tanning in the sun, especially in conjunction with salt water helps more then anything out there.

Tans Help
Benzoil Peroxide Helps

Melanotan II also helps

Tans Help
Benzoil Peroxide Helps

Melanotan II also helps

For me, near end of cycle, chest, shoulders, and a little on back.

The problem for me is that since it gotten so hot out, I am sweating profusely. My car does not have A/C and I seat in there. And if I am working outside, sweat big time. I notice acne along with the sweat.

I just try to shower often and wash those trouble areas everytime I feel “greasy.”

brianfromhawaii is absolutly right,I have always been hit with acne towards the end of my cycles,mostly on my shoulders, alcohol and salt water are
atleast for me the best way to control and or clear up any acne.usually a good swab with the isopropyl twice a day does the job.

For an alternative method that is not as abusive as accutane try Evening Primrose Oil. It helps with flare ups.

Wow, thanks for all the replies!
Though the subject of this forum would imply a certain audience of posters i have to say it is the most helpful one of the lot.

All great advice. I will take it all in to mind and my question has been fully answered.


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I many others have said if I get it at all on cycle its usually not till 7-9 weeks into my cycle and usually starts clearing up pretty good during PCT. Although I had quite a bit of face acne as a teen I have not had any face zits from any of my cycles. Its all been on my torso.