Steroids?2 be or not 2 be

I realize this is a touchy subject with some. I’m a 22year old Male Pondering the use of this substance.Within moderation for building size + Strength.
After lifting for 2 years with the normal base of diet and protein powder etc I looking for something to “Blow” up the muscle with hard workouts. Any comments or ideas anything OTC?

Oh boy …

First, is your diet totally in order? Check there first before looking at ANY supplements, OTC or otherwise.

Next, get educated. Lots of OTC stuff to try before looking to steroids. Mag-10, 4ad-ec, etc.

Two years is nothing.

Read this though and decide for yourself:

I’m your age, and have three years under my belt. During that time, I’ve added 65 pounds to a 5’8" frame with a small bone structure. I have a long way to go before I’ll be at my genetic potential. I’ll bet you can say the same.

  1. wrong board.

  2. you need to fine tune your diet, training, other supplements etc first.

  3. OTC? Do you live in Mexico?

I’ll bet at 22 you have not reached millionaire status yet either. Perhaps you should rob a bank to get caught up to where you perceive you should be.

I’d say don’t bother with the 'roids. Just use Mag-10 if you want to get a jump start on mass building, just make sure your eating enough.

Hey Eric, I’m ot trying to discredit you but do you really think that you gained 65 lbs just from training? I don’t think so, chalk 30-40 up to puberty. Point is you would’ve probably gained at least half of that without the training. Although, I don’t know what your genetics/family looks like so I could be wrong. Anyway Tant, I don’t think 2 years is enough, but that’s me. Here’s some things you might want to ask yourself.

  1. Am I still gaining size with relative ease/maturing?
  2. How is your diet ex 1.5-2 g prot. 2-3 gram carbs healthy fats ect.
  3. Have you tried Mag-10, 4-ad, surge? If used right for the first time esp. you could definitely “blow up” a good 10-20 lbs.
    Just some things to think about, but regardless keep looking for as much info as you can on this forum as it will only help you form an educated decision.

Gee, wideguy, I guess we could chalk some of Eric’s weight gain up to eating as well. Maybe even some of it is due to getting enough sleep, or drinking enough water… maybe NONE of it was from training at all!
Geez, man.

Actually, wideguy, I spent most of 1999 and early 2000 in the hospital. I lost 80 pounds and wound up looking like a cancer patient - and this was all after puberty was over and done with.

Also, my genetics suck. My father has EVERY risk factors for heart disease, including type 2 diabetes. My mother is 5’ tall. My older brother is a skinny-fat 145-lb. accountant. Plus, I was a fat kid growing up, so my insulin sensitivity is permanently affected in a negative way.

So, to answer your question, the 65 pounds is COMPLETELY from proper diet and training. My bodyfat has not gone above 13% in this entire time.

Suffice it to say that Tant101 probably has a lot of growing to do naturally for now.

Eric, you don’t need to answer to anyone. You’ve done the work.

tant i would definitley recommend first making sure your diet and training are truly in order. believe me if they arent steroids wont do shit for you. i know people who use all kinds of shit and i make better progress than them naturally because they dont know what they are doing.

secondly if you are set on doing this start reading about roid use, side effects, injection procedure etc. you dont want to just start poking needles in your ass without knowing what you are doing.

using gear is a serious step, and you need to know what you are doing, before you start.

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