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I caught herpes of the eye when a doctor was examing my eyes for jaundice. He sneezed in his hands right before he pulled down my eye. I did not want to embarass him so, regretably, I said nothing. While all this was going on my exwife who has mental problems was putting steroids in my food and drink.

I always wondered why sometimes things tasted a bit odd. This made me have infections of all types all the time including the herpes I caught from the doctor. At the time I still did not no why this was happening to me. I tested negative for HIV. I thought for sure I must of had it. After a toxicology confirmed steroids I looked up and bought steroidcleanse.

After taking it for 3 days my herpes symptoms spread all over my body through autoinoculation. I did'nt even finish the 5 day program that was suggested. I was slowly rocovering before taking it but I still had severe symptoms. Now my symptoms are so severe I'm going blind and possibly deaf and I may die. I figure whatever was in that product reaggravated my conditions. This is hard for me to accept because I never wanted to take steroids in the first place.

Does anybody out there know what really is in that product? Does anyone out there know how I can really cleanse my body before I die? Thanks so much


lol. I see....


Pics or it didn't happen.


I would not joke about my own life. If you have a productive suggestion please give it. Otherwise please do not reply again.


So you come to a bodybuilding website to place your life in the hands of complete internet strangers... Troll fail.


Hey clown how about a doctor instead of asking for advice over the internet....You say you take your health very seriously yet you let a doctor who sneezed on his hands touch you....Then you go on here asking for advice when you are "dying." You do all these tests yet when it comes to diagnosis you seem to leave the doctor out, they can properly treat you more effectively than someone over the internet who has to just go by symptoms.

What you fail to see is you are a joke. Unless you had a drug test coming up you should have just let the steriods run their course or once again asked a doctor instead of running to some site that claims it will be able to mask steriods in the body. You make me laugh at your own contradiction, that is why you are a joke.


pics.. and you have to be holding a shoe




Just take a protein shake, you'll be fine.


We should have a troll hall of fame.


You're in luck buddy. I just got my E-Medical Degree yesterday. Fished rotations this morning and just finished residency a few minutes ago.

This is what you have to do

Eat more carrotz and drink a tall glass of GTFO. You're due back in 6 months for a follow up.


soooo.. you, the doc, and your ex wife MMF'd. I assume you received the moneyshot as you now have herpes of the eye and possible HIV. That explains everything except who put it in your ex wife's pooper.


"And, when the doctor said I didn't have worms any more, that was the happiest day of my life." -Ralph Wiggum


If it wasnt for that horse... I may never have gone to college.....


it seems alot of folks like flaming. I agree, an absurd question to be asking on a forum like this, but all that needs to be said is, "see another doctor". even how funny his story might sound.


have someone fart on your pillow, this will give you pink eye and counteract and destroy the herpes. I've been using this method for years.


Pure, unadulterated awesomeness. The only problem is that you posted this in the WRONG FORUM! The steroid forum is the bastard son of all T-Nation forums. Troll posts here are not really as effective as those in the Get A Life or the Bodybuilding forums.

For true T-Nation classic status (and seriously, this thread does have those wings), this would have had to have been posted in a forum with more traffic or at least more people willing to waste their time with it.

Seriously nice post though. Herpes in the eye. I'm still shaking my head at the originality. Nice. You'll have to change your screen name (again) and come up with something similar (but you have the imagination for it), but I'm pulling for you, dude.

Dirty secret: these are sometimes some of my favorite T-Nation threads. The true favorites are the actual eliteballa3's that consist of a REAL person who SHOULD be a troll!


eliteball3 is a one in a million. perfect combo of everything needed to make an epic thread.


This is gonna sound crazy. But you can actually get eye herpes. Some get it around the lid whereas other get it on the eye itself. I only know because one of my good buddies, that use to wrestle in high school, got it, because one of the kids he wrestled was apparently a dirt bag. Just wanted to share that information.


Thanks to the few who do not joke about others suffering. I really do appreciate your comments. I have nothing negative to say about the others. Although I did analyze it already I only came to this type of Site hoping Someone else may have heard about or had a simiular experience. I am HIV-. At this point that is not good news to me. I do agree now that it was a bad idea to come for help to this Site. I am almost totally blind in 1 eye and my other symtoms are getting much worse. I may not be able to write here any further soon and I'm not sure it's a good idea anyway. RiverHawk23, although your comments are mixed towards me, atleast I'm hearing some things that sound like advice. If it's ok with you can You tell me what happened to Your Friend that you wrestled with? Thanks