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'Steroid Vacation' in Thailand


I was wondering whether anyone has ever done it? Experiences?

[quote]matrick wrote:

I was wondering whether anyone has ever done it? Experiences?[/quote]

WTF are you talking about? Vacationing in Thailand while not on cycle?

He means taking a vacation to Thailand in order to do steroids.
‘Steroid vacation in Thailand’ not ‘Vacation from Steroids in Thailand’

I go to thailand every year sometimes twice. Not this year as i just started med school, but i can say its much love.
You can get whatever you want and as much. You can go to several pharmacies with extremly nice pharmacist who speak english very well (most thais do as they relly on this to make money, unless you got up north in the jungle which i DO NOT suggest if your not with thais you know)and tell the pharm what you want to accomplish and how lng your there for and they will put togethor a cycle for you.

Its crazy how nice it is. Now here is the draw back. Gyms. rue bodybuilding gyms are not that common in thailand. I go solely to train Muay Thai and vacation. So im in fight gyms the whole time, but they do not have true bodybuilding equipment.
There are some gyms but like alot of asian cultures big muscle bound people are not common and its not a hugely popular passtime.

Depends on wer eyour going. Let me know wher eyou plan to vacatio/holiday and i will tell you where some decent gyms are.

Ill say ahead of time, dont stay in bangkok long see then leave. Head to another city most rikitik. Phuket is hands down best for just vacationing.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for you answer. I read that article here on T-Nation, where they mentioned the gym of that Australian guy. I thought about contacting him and seeing whether he could set me up, but I wanted to talk to someone before hand. Would you suggest staying the entire cycle there or is PCT at home “ok”?

I stay on year round, so i cant answer that, but PCT is so easy to get if you live in the states, id say dont waste time on pct over there wait till you come home. Start your taper your last weeks there but unless you can not get pct and the dsage for taper protocal where you live id run through the cycle there where its legal as can be to get whatever you like.

I guess the long and short of it is how long your gonna stay in country. You need to leave the country every 30 days now, unless you get a visa, and you can only ‘legally’ do 2 visa runs before you have to be out of the country for 90 days i believe. Check on those because when i go i stay for 50 days and never need more than one visa run so i could be wrong about the totals. Visa runs are into berma, usually the easiest place to do one if your in the south.

[quote]matrick wrote:
Would you suggest staying the entire cycle there or is PCT at home “ok”?[/quote]

The only thing with this is that if you plan on doing your PCT at home, make sure it’s IN YOUR HANDS at your house waiting for you when you get back.

Do not rely on buying it in Thailand and bringing it home with you, in case somehow it gets snagged.

Good Call.

Yeah we’ll see how I can do it. I don’t know yet, thanks everyone though!