Steroid Use

Before I ask my question I just want to point out that I am not some young kid wanting to know what steroid tablets are best to take and where can I get them.

I know nothing about the world of steroids and their legality here is AUstralia, and even less (if it is possible to know less than anything nothing) about the situation in other questions.

I do know that it is obvious that they are still used and if it is obvious to someone like me it is obvious to the relvant authority departments of the world.

My question is why can body builders use steroids and display the effects so publically without fear of being jailed or other legal ramifications.

Is it legal to use them but not sell them, is just the authorities turning a blind eye or having better things to do.

I would love to hear anyones opinion.


The authorities are certainly not turning a blind eye as Operation Gear Grinder in the US shows.

Governments realise that it is better to try and remove the supply than to persue individuals. You will see, from time to time, that high profile individuals are prosecuted, but this is to be expected from agencies that are now very, very media savvy. This is why you rarely read of the pros openly admitting to AAS use, even though their bodys are the greatest indication of this.

I read where a load of like 9 kilos of test powder was seized in Norway so I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before powder and it’s sources are “discovered” by customs. I think it’s gonna be damn hard for the feds to significantly effect powder sales tho due to the facts that it can’t be detected by dogs (as far as I know) and it can be shipped in a flat envelope.