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Steroid Use Without Any PCT

Hi Guys . I dont have any knowledge about steroids or PCT. So straight to my matter. When i was 18 . I took steroids for 3 months . and now after one year quiting them . I am suffering from Depression , Mood swings and Im emotionaly dead. I have gyno alot. I never Did Any PCT.
I dont have any Erection problem . And my blood reports are normal . I just dont know whts going on with my brain.

my cycle was : Dianabol 50mg per day for 2 months. And One food suppliment for one month that increased my apitite alot . Any help or advice would b appreciated alot.

Clomiphene citrate and nolvadex are used for pct,I live in Greece where we can.buy it from pharmacy without description,you could.use them to increase your natural testosterone levels

Hi alexatak Thnx for ur help.

What dose should i use ? and for how long .

Start with nolvadex 20mg per day or clomid 50mg per day for a month,if you have gyno I would recommend letrozole,I think you might have elevated estrogen but I am not a doctor only a self user

Hi Alex . Yeah I have Elevated Estrogen Level . And I started Taking Clomid one tablet per day . And its realy Help . It removed my Depression In just 2 days.

And My food suppliment was containing Corticosteroids : Dexona + practin tablets. They Increases Your appitite.