Steroid Use Stats?

Hi everyone,

Has anyone come across any statistics on adult steroid use in the United States? (i.e., What percent of the adult population in the U.S. uses steroids?) I’ve been trying to find a number on this, but every search I make turns up data on adolescent steroid use, or steroid use in a specific population (football players, baseball players, etc.).

Let me know if you have any leads.


I’m not positive how you expect there to be any research. If there is a number +1 to it because I’m one hundred percent sure nobody knows about my use.

Even if you found a “lead” its not going to be correct. Probably not even remotely close.


Yeah, I’m sure you’re right. It just seems like something I’ve heard a stat on before, but there really isn’t anything I have been able to find online. I know at the best I would just be able to find an estimate, but that would be fine…

If anyone else was interested, I actually think I just found something:

I’m sure there are estimates out there, but I just dont know how accurate they could possibly be.


This might give you some insights:

No but i read recently the following:

In the US there are 500,000 Crack addicts. There are 500,000 Smack addicts… but (IIRC) 1.5M athletes* use AAS!

*I took athlete to strictly mean athletes amateur and pro of all sports. But it may include rec. users too.

This was taken from i think.