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Steroid Use and Tight Muscles


hello, thought id come here for some advice, ive been lifting weights for about 5 years approx, im 27 years old and i play guitar and vocals in a death metal band called putrefy www.myspace.com/putrefy05 i use steroids on occasion, usually sust and d-bol however usually in a 10 week cycle, at about week 6-7, my forearms become incredibly tight when i play guitar.

it kinda feels like the actual playing of the guitar is like miniture reps for forearms and in this case its a pump i could do without. can any of you suggest something that would keep my arms moving whilst on cycle especially in the latter stages. could nolvadex be used to keep the water retention down. a crazy question i know but i thought id ask
cheers and all help appreciated


cant realy help ya there....I WORE HER HEAD AS A HAT...lol, good stuff....anyway, dbol made made both my arms breakout, i do remember a little tightness, but ive never played the guitar, my best advice would be to layoff upperbody before you perform and not drink any alchohol while taking the stuff, it will fuck your liver up and drain your body.


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OP, part of using steroids is that you will achieve a very powerful pump easily, especially with dbol. It's just how it works.

If you are concerned with the water retention part of this don't use nolvadex, use armidex.


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Try Taurine.