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Steroid Usage Without Needles? Dbol 10

Ok this will probably annoy some ofyou guys but bare with me,
So Im 34 been lifting for close to 10 years (Ill add a pic) I never got around to getting big like I wanted due to life and being petrified of needles (weird fear I know).
My question is if I want some help to get bigger (im fine for sources thats not what Im after) can I take for example,

  • 10mg
    In pill form without messing myself up?
    Im after tips and gneral help here, thanks alot all.
    Also Im an Aussie living in Sweden 188cm or 6"2 tall I used to be 153kgs fat but got down to 91so have some loose skin (another reason I want to grow a bit) just to let ya know a bit about me.

Dbol is a great builder for sure. But the problem is the effect it has on testosterone, namely shutting down production of it. So a six week run of dbol will get you bigger, but absent testosterone you’ll feel lousy and you’ll lose a lot of the gains after you’re off of it.

FWIW I was terrified of needles too. I couldn’t imagine injecting myself with anything once, let alone multiple times a week. Today I’m on TRT and it’s just part of the routine. You get over fears fast when you have to.

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Hey thanks alot for the reply mate its hard to get anyone to actually give me any info when I ask around its usually “just check google” so yeah I appreciate it.
So I should definitely have both you cant really run just 1 of them?

Doesn’t Sweden have crazy laws where the police can compel you to take a drug test if they suspect you of steroid use?

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You can run testosterone by itself. Depending on dosage you may need ancillary support like nolva or an ai. Outside of anabolics you could just dedicate yourself to eating massive calories and lifting heavy ass weight. You should do the same if you run something anyways. Your lean so you are starting from a good place. If you could overcome your fear of needles you would benefit greatly from a cycle as long as you have educated yourself on proper and safe usage.

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They say that but being a foreigner they cant say Ive done anything here.
Plus half the cops here I swear are on gear.

Yeah I get what your saying and I do I eat like crazy and lift like a machine Ive just not gained any real size in over a year now just stay firm.

Maybe you have hit your genetic potential. It sucks but I know how that feels. Throwing everything you’ve got at it and not seeing results.

Yeah sadly thats what I was thinking thats why I figured Id try the next step.