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Steroid Transformation


Hey guys, I'd be interested in the opinion of the vets around here. Not judging the guy, he (sounds like) knows what he's doing and it obviously worked, but was putting this vid online a good idea? I mean steroids are illegal, right?

Also, I've always heard that the pros are taking ''a ton of stuff'' but I've never been able to ball park it. Now after watching this vid (yes I watched the whole thing), I can but I almost can't believe it....


Inb4 ''too long, didn't watch''


This video was posted on here about a week ago.


Anyone who looks up to Dave Palumbo as a "guru" is going to run into problems IMO...was foolish to make a video like this as well, good bye potential sponsorships...


Man he was on a lot of stuff. I guess thats the kind of protocol you need to incorporate if you really want to slingshot your way to the top. In other interviews he said he started training around 17-18 and hes 21 here so that is three four years tops since he started training.

This makes me curious as to what sort of gear protocol the bbers from the golden era were on. I feel like it had to be a very simplistic and basic approach. Perhaps gear today from the ugls is watered down so you need to up the dosage to get the same desired effect.

At least he seems to know his stuff.


his amounts weren't that much really... he just used alot of different shit.


its a gr8 video


Dudes a fool for posting this shit.

Also, his arms look dumb from synthol, and his shirt would be tight on a 12 year old girl.


already posted and discussed.


21 imagine the health effects, it takes time to build muscle why can't these kids be patient. He's not even that big through the torso, just his arms, wow. Wendler says, set your goals by the year, and your achievements by the decade.


He looks pretty good imo...


kid is straight gasping


All this can do is bring more investigative reporting. That in turn rouses the attention of state police, DEA and FBI.




He's big, but not aesthetic at all. He's so full of synthol...no striations or vascularity.


He is also very young. Obviously hes pushing a lot of stuff and uses synthol, but I wouldn't say he is full of it. And he does look unhealthy, but still an impressive physique imo at his age.


Yea he's still huge, I just don't think he looks good. Or that its wise to run so much junk so young