steroid testing

Does anyone have any knowledge of what the IOC or NCAA looks for when testing an athlete. I am mainly wondering how testosterones are discovered. Are they found as a foriegn compound or do they measure the testosterone to epi test levels in the body? If this is the case I can imagine it would be fairly easy to manipulate your testosterone levels to be constant. I have no idea if I am on the right track or not. Thanks ahead of time for any info you can offer. Also does test prop have metabolites that stick around similar to deca? Thanks.

last I knew they look for test/epitest for testosterones and metabolites of others.
technology to determine exogenous vs. endogenous tests is coming though

is there a place to look to find out what the levels of test vs. epitest you can have in your system? Thanks. I also heard that they were close to developing a test for GH. If they ever do figure out a way to test for these we will really see a decline in performance.

Online issue 287, Underground Tap by RJ Elsing, dealt with a Juicer and NCAA testing.

Indeed… “anonymous” seemed to be rather insightful as well. It’s not epitest… it’s dihydrotest I believe and the ratio is 6:1. Go to the NCAA website and in the eligibility section they have info on drug testing. It tells you allll about what they test for… and read the article that the horse mentioned.

I see clostebol on the NCAA list but I wonder if RSOC’s Oral turinabol would be safe… It’s slightly modified but would the metabolites be the same as any other metabolites they look for.
I would think RSOC bolasterone would be safe. I also wonder about M1T?

I know that for IOC testing they to a T:E ratio test. This is a testosterone to epitestosterone test, as excreated in urine. If you test higher than 6:1 your are considered suspicious. If you test higher than 11:1 you are considered guilty. Also a record of your T:E ratio tests is kept. So if you test 4:1 for years and then sudenly test at 9:1 you will be red flaged. On the other hand I have friend who always tested at 8:1 or higher from his late teens on. So there are some serious flaws in this form of testing as it doesn’t really account for variations in ratio’s in the population, or that someone could naturally be above 11:1. That is the way it’s done though.