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Steroid Testing at Military Academies


My nephew goes to one of the military academies and is pondering taking steroids. He has his workout routine and diet mapped out. He is now thinking about a steroid regiment. He will be out for winter break is week and wants to do a quick cycle. He is worried about
A) there be a steroid test when he comes back to school in the new year
B) he prefers to do orals over injectables, why I dont know
I'd like someone who's a graduate of a military academy who knows if there is a steroid testing protocol in place. And the a simple quick cycle he can play with while he's back home.


I was in the military and never once tested for steroids. They'll just test him for narcotics and stuff like that. The only way he would get caught is if he told someone, and they ratted him out (they have a pretty serious honor code). Ask him this, is taking a quick cycle (winter break is maybe 2-3 weeks at best), which won't do much, worth getting kicked out of school? Tell him to just wait till he gets to his unit.


Orals are a joke...I don't even consider them to be steroids...just liver shredders and side effect pills

If he wants to blow up....Test is best


The military doesn't test for steroid use. If his school prohibits them, and he is asked if he took them and lies, any of the military academies will kick him out for violation of the honor code.

Wait till he graduates.


I have seen a half dozen soldiers use steroids and were never even asked about their tremendous gains or tested. I gained 40 pounds after basic from a 1-AD cycle and 5 months following post cycle. Nobody gave a crap. I've never even heard of steroid testing outside of pro-sports. Although it does exsist, it is so freaking unlikely for 99% of jobs. Now, in the military, he may not want to go telling everyone though.


Liver shredders???? LOL

The negative effects of orals on the liver are GREATLY exagerated.


And this makes your opinion on the matter utterly irrelevant.

I havent seen something this ignorant posted in years.