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Steroid T-Cell Forum... And Why Not?!



Half assed serious though really...

Fuck me, it's really sad to see some new and formerly new guys here after staying away for a long time due to supreme douschebaggery, that are actually looking really cool, and fit in with the best of em,

And then see idiots like "Limp from the 781" polluting the place among others....This fucking waste of a human life just seems to go through shitting everywhere on the site, staying here and there, and then moving on again...lol.

I don't know wtf I thought it might be ok now, but it looks like it isn't..

Is there still the possibility of the forum having certain elected members who can be called upon to "clean up the shit" when it needs to be? As in assclowns like the limpdick fella I mentioned above who is currently polluting the serm/AI sticky thread against what I see as very respectful and helpful members just because he likes to be an internet pussy?

There are still too many assholes flying around under the radar making this once very respectful place, a joke of a forum which is a fucking travesty. Let me rephrase a bit though...what I mean is the forum isn't a joke by any means,

But it's looking like one too often because the good guys, including respectful noobs still sucking on the steroid Teet, are being brought down my idiots with no business here except to fuck the place up with ignorant and confrontational bullshit.

TC: Can anything be done about human waste on this great forum dude? Let's get some discussion going in a positive direction on this..I like this place, and a lot of good guys do, but many stay away because of how stupid it's become, though that may sound redundant as it's been ongoing as we all know for a long while now..

Again, the bulk of it isn't stupid, but you see stupidity flying around with impunity constantly and it brings a lot of good folks down with the quickness. Thus slowly churning this into a BB.com shithole, forgive my frankness.

Nonetheless, have at it, what do you all think?





T-cell i vote YES


Hell yeah these days we all have to ignore the bullshit posts to not hijack every fucking thread. Either we should have a T-Cell Steroid or a T-Cell for Fucking Douche Bags or Both!


80% of the activity in this forum is from new people with questions. Yeah, I understand that most of the answers to the questions asked can be found through a simple search, but people still like hearing information first hand when it concerns drugs that can have harmful effects.

It would be nice to have a filter for people who are only here to cause problems but it wouldn't necessarily make this place better, I think.

Instead of a T-cell type thing, this place could benefit if people had more self control and did not engage posters who are clearly out to stir up some shit. I obviously include myself in the "need more self control at times" category. Calling out BS or potentially harmful info is not what I'm talking about, that should be dealt with like it always has been.


You've got a lot of patience BOnez I'll give you that, but I think you too, will eventually succumb to these feelings a bit more as the days/wks/mo's/years keep on ticking away..

TC actually had a nice discussion of this going on once where it was talked about having a handful of guys to just moniter to a slight degree, nothing assholish at all, just keeping an eye on the real losers, and we know who they are, and when one is/was spotted running amok, they would be excised, if not first warned etc. It sounded like a great idea to me, and I really for the life of me can't see why not?

There's always the conspiracy mofo's though that get too "worried" about things getting out of hand..But from my experience, anyone elected by the community would by my guess be completely fair and not out to get anyone by any stretch.

I don't know, just my thoughts. I think it could make things much easier on the eyes in the real world.
I don't go around the Tcell too much these days, but I will say it looks like they're all much happier after excising all the trash that was there, (myself included, lol)...


Yeah. I thought the t-cell was a good idea while all the drama was still going on. Once all of that got cleaned up (and I'm still a member, please note), I just wasn't that interested in participating.

Not, mind, because there weren't good discussions there. Mainly just because this particular forum is the source of more consistently "serious" information regarding our thing, and having another forum to discuss the "serious" side of lifting when we already have one just seems a bit redundant. As would an additional steroid forum. Also, this has been my "home" for a pretty long time, and I think we do a fairly good job of policing ourselves, one way or the other.

BBB just recently had to remind us that we are usually a well-mannered, nurturing bunch. I think we are, too (no, seriously!:wink: But occasionally, a surly, dense one will manage to penetrate our ranks. So long as we don't, collectively, put up with poor knowledge or flat out silliness, I still think our particular forum will, with the proper self-policing, remain by far the Best-Damned-Forum-On-T-Nation.

And that's my take on it :slight_smile:

And by the way, Tone, I completely appreciate your sentiments, because I know that you, too, desire the best for this place of ours. These are just my thoughts on the thing.


That's something that sounds fine.

I just dont like the 'private membership' of the tcell.

I doesn't seem productive enough to warrant such a drastic change.

Also Think of the ungodly amount of PM's that people would be receiving if people couldn't post lol.


in theory the cell works, but in my limited experience I think thats where it ends.
I think its laughable whats become of it so far and I am afraid that a steroid cell will become the same.

Dont get me wrong it is a wonderful Idea,but you will have what happened before, you will have where it becomes the elitist club for people and who they like on the site and then it will be a
huge hug fest and e-dick sucking contest where one person makes a post and instead of intelligent debate you have dozens of posts saying "x2" and stuff like that

and then because you have friends in there it will be,the same old tired subjects being talked about over and over with hundred page threads

I mean,honestly you still have bad information in the T-cell but only problem is you dont have any body calling it what it is, instead you have the sheep that will follow because the thread poster is "popular" not saying that will happen with this lot and I suspect it would not actually happen like that but thats how the current T-cell is now.

I mean,I could care less if we are talking about what color panties someone wears when doing legs so their coin purse wont flop out and offend ladies at the local 24 hour fitness.
but admit it,the stuff we talk about is serious stuff and well,if I may be so bold its a bit controversial at times, we need a think tank,not a sheep pen.

in short I think on this site a dedicated area like the t-cell will fail because a huge part of that also is because some of the stuff that would be useful in a cell would be "for eyes only" and not for everyone on a public site to read and mis-interpet and potential get hurt over.
I mean for how many good things that can come from something like this here there are so many equally bad things as well I think.

Damnit, did I turn into the cranky old shit on here now?


Truth be told, I would tend to say nix on the Tcell, but used that to grab some eyeballs more or less. I too, don't like the Sort of counting out that goes into something like that of personell, but I would like what I was refering to when TC was discussing just having some mod's sort of around this forum...

And it could be anyone of a vast number of vets, new guys, etc, that have patience and a fair character, who could sort of just let certain people know, "Hey we can't tolerate silliness in here anymore, if you buckle up and fly straight, then you're more than welcome to stay....if not, there's the door". This type of deal..

Anyhow, I appreciate the opinions, it's always good to share on it and makes me a bit more patient when I hear your thoughts guys.

It just seems that there are those few who almost jibe and fuck with people here, just to sort of show that they can and get away with it ya know?



I certainly agree that the amount of misinformation being passed out in this forum is staggering - especially considering that when I first came here I was surrounded by a number of well-qualified steroid "gurus."

While I do think that the T-Cell is a good idea IN PRINCIPLE, the main purpose of this forum is to hand out advice and in a sense, breed the next generation of steroid gurus.

If we simply give all the knowledge that populates this board the keys to another cell where they reign supreme, what will be left of this board? As stilted as this may sound, it is the duty of the vets on this board to regulate this place and keep it from going to shits.

I know that I for one haven't been on this board nearly as much as I had been in the past (primarily because of the fact that the same damned questions were asked again and again) however that doesn't mean that I don't believe that the vets owe it to this board to help "keep it clean."

Rather than simply abandoning it, let's try and clean it up and restart the intelligent discussion that used to be on this board.


Report Post button.


Yup. I agree. Clean it up and don't tolerate the bullshit.

...but that means we may have to be mean sometimes [rubbing hands together].........


Worse than bullshit info is parroting information over and over again. It turns into a "telephone game" situation.

Of course I am guilty of this in the past, I'm sure almost everyone is, but I actively attempt to only talk about things I have experience with. I'll repeat information only if I know it is no-doubt absolutely true.

I'm not including people sharing their opinions in this.


Yep, there ya go. Thanks Big C!
I have been so scarce around here, for the life of me I couldn't remember that report post button.

So that should be operable no?

If so, perhaps people just need to be aware of how it works and when it's appropriate, and to just go ahead and start using it on the circus clowns that are begging for it when they're up to no good.

Or did it never reach lift off? I can't remember so I'm not much help there..

I agree with all your opinions to now for sure...Way too much good peeps and information to jump ship, it's just pitiful with how little respect some of the circus clowns show it, and that's just downright appalling in light of the subject matter imho.

Thanks for offering your views everyone.


Good point Bonez, and equally irritating as the former, and again while I and probably most of us have been guilty here and there, there are certain personalities who just love to do this, and it gets way out of hand with them.


I vote S-Cell Yes.


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Well I would agree with that. And that would be rather apocalyptic then...lol.

So don't let the title of the thread misconstrue the target then...Let's just have some regular "cleaning" of the steroid forum of all the trash which isn't too much to do then is it? Cortes reminded me of the report post button...though I don't know if that works or not anymore..but certainly, we can at least start shitcanning the right folks who just hang around to make fuck all nonsensical posts and threads, to then disrespect and trash other members in the know, who are trying to help them.


Do we, or do we not, have some cleaning up to do around here? That is do you guys want this place to be different than the regular run of the mill steroid forum containing loads of asshats and clowns just running their mouths all day long with nothing productive or intelligent being passed on to people? Except for that 25-50% of knowledgeable helpful folks?

Do we as a whole, want douschebags who 1. Don't listen. 2. Further, actually diss the person trying to help them. 3. Spread misinformation all the while disregarding the best advice that is being given to them?

I mean, is that what you guys want on this forum? Just let it hang here worthlessly cluttering up the place?

Maybe I'm out to lunch just like the last time I tried this...It's amazing to me...No Tcell then, no unmerited fucking with noobs, just plain old report post warnings, followed up by ejection if the guy doesn't turn his rhetoric around in a respectful manner. Is that too much to want for this place?

I think it would be fantastic and turn the place into rare brotherhood of people sharing accurate and helpful information between friends and aquaintances that mutually respect each other, no matter how far apart they might be on a subject here.

Sermon over again,



Internet utopia is an impossible feat. Not that we shouldn't try but it's unrealistic to think that it could EVER happen.

I actually think the policing is going pretty well, all things considered. I don't see much garbage around other then the routine unresearched cycle that pops up every now and then. Send me a PM if you have any specific examples.

I've had this reply box opened for too long, I've lost my train of thought.