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Steroid Study




I should say something like "Finally! Proof that your typical steroid user is not just some teenage nitwit. He's an educated man just seeking improvements" but the thing is this very forum is proof that there's a rapidly increasing number of kids just looking to get "big n ripped" overnight as if it were so easy that you could just put it on your Christmas list and Santa will deliver your six-pack abs and 19" biceps in the stockings.


The study was published in October and was already posted here at that time (though you probably can't find it by searching). It was done using an internet survey, so there is response bias, as with all surveys. It says there are a lot of adult, non-athlete AAS users. It does not say that these are the majority of or the only users. It goes to show that steroids aren't just used by younger people, or those playing sports. I guess the moral of the story is that, like anything else, there is a portion of society that can and does use a certain drug responsibly, while another portion of society abuses it or uses it incorrectly.


What bothered me about that article is that it doesn't say "steroid use." Every reference to its usage says "steroid abuse."


Of course. Didn't you know that you can't use illegal substances? Apparently we can only abuse them.