Steroid Study in N.Ireland + S. Ireland

Hi, My name is Hugh, I am an Olympic weightlifter and compete in other sports as well, I am also in the process of completing my masters in Sport psychology at The university of ulster

I need people who are willing to do an anonymous 45min - 60min interview. To be part of this study you must have taken Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids and experienced side effects.

Please respond by PM.

After having conducted a few interviews for this study it is clear that it will be beneficial to informing medical professions to help better treat those who have fallen foul of dodgy gear and incorrect information on dosages, and in the words one competitive bodybuilder “this study needs to be done and will help the future of our sport”

This study is ethically approved and your confidentiality is assured.

Please also contact me if you are not from N.Ireland or S.Ireland as I may need to do skype interviews if I cannot get enough participants from here.

Thank you T-Nation members

We just call S. Ireland “Real Ireland”. aka The Motherland.

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YES Excellent. Please PM me your email ,

I had originally posted my email but the mods took it off, or please have some one pm me so I can pm them my email. … I’m not sure why it wont let you send me a pm. I am just going to check my settings to see if I can receive PMs

Hi I have sent you two PMs with my details just wondering have you received them or has my attempt to send you PMs failed?

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count me in, im in South though

I’d give it a go and answer some questions…via email of course

Depending on the content of the questions I am game. I would prefer not on skype though. I would rather stay anonymous.

Hi Guys,

I have sent PMs to all of you, BBB Im not sure how to go about this if you cant get PMS, For the rest of you could you confirm or deny that you have received the PMs with my email address.

Failing that please follow either of these links and use the details provided

No pms for me,I’ll send u my Email

Hi corey CPD, BBB, edk3335

I have got no PMs from any of you I think I must have messed up the setting up of my account

below is a link to my email use the first one as its my uni one, the website it is hosted on is a sideline project of mine, in case your wondering, big skwatta thanks for your contribution.

If your interviewees must hav experienced side effects, wont that skew or bias you findings?

[quote]Boffin wrote:
If your interviewees must hav experienced side effects, wont that skew or bias you findings?[/quote]

It depends. If the aim of the study was to record the % or whatever of side effects then yes. However, the goal of the study is, as far as I can tell, to look into treating side effects and in general what the side effects are to begin with (most commonly experienced etc).

Hi boffin and JT,

The aim of the study is basically to understand the decision making process behind people deciding to uses steroids, then to understand why they seek medical advice or what prompts them to, then to further understand how they were treated by the health service.

The study is an Interpretive Phennomoligical Analysis (IPA). Essentially it is qualitative and exploring the phenomenon of AAS use.

Essentially if we interview enough people certain trends and findings will raise there head and will correlate.

You are right Boffin, if I was recruiting for a different type of study I would be skewing the data. However in this case I am simply exploring a specific aspect of steroid use.

Also the type of study you are talking about has already been done by others. Of steroid users one study found that 77% experienced side effects and 15% had permanent side effects.

traditionally men under report to the medical profession eg if they have a flu they might just grind it out or if they find a lump they will wait a month before seeking help… with a “taboo” around AAS use this exacerbates the problem and therefore this study will hopefully help us understand how to get those who have had issues to report earlier. Hence the recruitment of subjects is quite important.


I am flying from Chicago to DUB March 12 and staying thru the 28th. I’ll be in Northern Ireland for at least a week, then onto the South. I actually had a few questions for BBB but pm’s aren’t going through.

Will you control for the legal status of AAS in the user’s home country? I would think that would weigh heavily on a user’s decision to seek medical care.

Hi wolfmann89, please email me if you would like to meet up to be interviewed see link for email.

also all those who have stated interest still haven’t emailed me could you email me if you are still interested.

Thanks Hugh,

Also, yes it is hoped that I will fulfil quota from those resident in Ireland however with enough luck the population groups will be expanded. Though if I don’t get enough people this will be controlled for.

The success of this study hinges on recruitment.

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