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Steroid Starter


Hello, my name is jaron iam 18 years of age and i was looking into using some steroids my choices came down to

Test E
Winni V/Winstrol

Just shot this question out to get some real advice from steroid users.

Thank you.


The best advice would be to read through this:

Secondly, just take a minute to read through the post I made on this thread:


Don't hesitate to ask if you get bogged down by all the info on the Newbie thread.


Well for the most part, people are going to tell you to stay away from steroids b/c you're way too young. Those will be the nice ones.


You are 18. You are not old enough to consider steroids. Please let this thread die.


Well for starters, you're 18, so that's on the young end. I did it because I was young and stupid, but I'd still advise against it. There's just too much of a chance of something bad happening.

I noticed you put a backslash between some of your "options." Why did you do that? Do you think those are just different names for the same compound?

Hint: "winni-v" is not a steroid.



Why dont you ask your parents what they think about it.



Shit, I'm nearly 40, and I wouldn't ask my parents what they thought about it.