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Steroid Stack Help Needed


Hi, doing a steroid stack need some help

ill be doing test enanthate 500mgs/week for 10weeks
Primobolan 400mgs/week
Dianabol 30mgs ed

I need to gain some quality mass and rip out and i want to incorporate velocity diet

and can i use cellucor p6 for pct ???

need help guys give me advice please





If youre trolling... fuck off.

If youre not trolling... fuck off for acting like an impatient jackass.


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p6 is perfect for pct. i use it when i come off my my tren/test/deca/gh/insulin cycle


thx God some one has sanity here lol, dude can u temme is the stack i am goin to use worthwhile ?????


Speak English.


Second that.



Gud stack. I think u shuld add sum deca. 700mg/week for 10 weeks.



Okay, while I am pretty certain that you are a troll, I feel compelled to tell you that no over the counter product is going to cut it for pct. This is a fact.

There are a number of stickies at the top of the steroid forum board. Check out the newbie cycle planning threads and the SERM/PCT thread, everything you need to know is there.


thx man

now guys was that to hard ?