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Steroid Shopping Abroad

Hey Guys,
Was wondering do any of you know if steroids are a controlled substance within the Cezh Republic, I am going to Prague for a week next Easter. I have tried for the life of me to find out and think it may be possible to buy them OTC however the fact that the country is now an EU state has me a bit skeptical. Thanks for your help in advance.


I would hold out no hope considering it’s an EU country. I don’t know if you’ve travelled recently, but between London and Dublin to back home I got pretty much all of my toiletries taken away from me because they didn’t fit into a tiny ziplock bag and that might for some reason cause an explosion in the plane. Not saying American homeland security is any better, but I wouldn’t try to get anything through there. They had a shit fit over my multivitamins and ephedrine.

Even if you can get it in Prague, I would say it’s a mail order deal, bro. Even in China where it’s legal you have to special order it because no one uses it. Thailand and Mexico are pretty much the only places I know of where you can buy stuff over the counter (because they’re both 3rd world countries with a huge market and big profits are made). I would venture to say the chances of being able to find it at the pharmacy (chemist :wink: are about slim to none.

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