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Steroid Segment On HBO


Something finally defends steroids


Show it to the naysayers next time they confront you with poppycock and balderdash about the "dangers of steroids"


poppycock and balderdash great word useage.


i was hoping someone would appreciate that!!


I think that was a great video clip and should be shown to many more people than who will see it on this site.

You said it was on HBO? If so, it's too bad it's not shown on basic cable, or on one of the local stations.

I doubt it would ever get shown there though.


yup, no one ever died from steroids, perfectly healthy thing to do. LOL

"Where are the bodies, show me the bodies" LMAO, I could just look at professional (well maybe not professional) wrestling, and the list of bodies is umm yeah.

The doctor guy " there are no serious health issues, just hair loss, acne, good cholesterol goes down, bad cholesterol goes up". Yup, again nothing wrong with increasing artery clogging cholesterol while reducing our cholesterol that wards off blockages.


It is about damn time the main stream media told the story correctly.


Which wrestlers died of steroid use?

You have a list?


Just remember, if everyone used steroids within reason, the issue wouldn't be such a heartache. If 100 people legally used steroids, at least 5 of them would be retards and take the usage to a new level of idiocy. That is likely why we don't have open access to them.


That was interesting. Nice to see the positive side for once.


By making such a fuss over steroids congress is sending a very strong message that if a drug is unsafe we will vigorously come down on it.

There is also an unspoken message here that if congress is not doing something about a drug then it can be considered to be perfectly safe.

For example there are coroners reports listing ritalin as as the cause of death of several hundred children who have died of heart attacks.

Children are dying from a drug that is supposed to treat a condition for which no biological basis has ever been established. Meanwhile congress remains silent.

When congress says we are going after steroids to protect children, they are full of shit. They are going after steroids to distract us from a real problem like ritalin or lobbyists.



Good stuff. It won't go anywhere though considering that a reasonable level-headed analysis of an emotionally and politically charged issue neither boosts ratings nor earns fear votes.


Oh wise one...please continue


IF you mean take 100 people from T-Nation and 5 people would be idiots then I agree with you. Take 100 people from the general public and give them steroids, I'd say the number of idiots would yield a much greater number than 5.


this the very scary truth that seems to permiate all areas of our government.


Bottom line the government does not give a fuck about your health and make more money by keeping most drugs illegal. However, I dont' think they're getting the same kinda cut as they are on coke, heroin, weed, and other "recreational drugs" as they are on steroids. SO they're making it a big issue. Plus it's a great soapbox for scumbag politicians to stand on.

BTW Johovajerkwade, I saw this fat slob eating an entire Pizza Hut pizza all by himself the other day while smoking a cigarette, and drinking a beer. THink I should have gone for a citizen's arrest? LMOA, yeah the government doesn't want us walking around with high cholesteral and blocked up arteries.


I'm pretty sure it's only orals that lower HDL and increase LDL.


That's incorrect.


"It should also be noted that both versions of Winstrol have been linked to strong adverse changes in HDL/LDL cholesterol levels.

This side effect is common with anabolic steroid therapy, and obviously can become a health concern as the dose/duration of intake increase above normal. The oral version should have a greater impact on cholesterol values than the injectable due to the method of administration, and may therefore be the worse choice of the two for those concerned and this side effect. "

I got this from the steroid newbie thread, is it incorrect?


awesome piece. everyone should send that link around and spread the knowledge. laters pk


Wideguy I agree 100% the government dosent give a rat shit if it raised someones bad cholesterol? Crisco cooking oil raises that shit too and other fat ass shit people shove down their mouth raises it as well. Smoking kills causes cancer, alcahol can make you dependant why has the government not stopped us from purchasing or using those substances? As far as the comment on Wrestlers dying of steroids is moronic, I love how Jehovasfitness and others take people with lifelong Drug (Heroin,Speed,PCP.......) habits and when they die of a heart attack or liver failure they blame it on the Steroids. Get a fucking clue.

Our beloved MAG-10 got pulled, I guess it was because it will kill you and that Wrestlers could abuse it and die form it and MAG-10 was a prohormone for crying out loud. Silly ass people crack me up.

Vive la Roids!