Steroid/SARM Cycle Help

Need some help on a cycle. New to TNation.

I need input on use of a SARM with Test E. What I had in mind follows, I know it’s a lot:

1-8 Test E 500mg/wk
6-12 LGD-4033(Ligandrol) 10mg ED
10-14 Anavar 10mg/ ED

Milk Thistle
Letrozole on hand
Good ass PCT

I won’t hold honest input against anyone.

I would do HCG to keeps your balls workin so PCT will be easier and you can keep more of your gains.

Keep Nolva or letro close by , especially close after the HCG shots to control estrogen.

Why do you take a week off between the test e and the Anavar? Seems unnecessary and even painful for absolutely no benefit imo. Once your endogenous test is suppressed, the key is to compensate for it with exogenous and to limit the duration of suppression.