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Steroid Research Paper


I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the Steroid forum, but I figured I would just post it here and avoid the flaming.

I have a paper due on Friday in my Ethics class that can be on a myriad of topics. (drug legalization, animal abuse, etc) I chose legalization of steroids. I'm not advocating steroid use for young people, but I would like to debunk a lot of myths that are out there regarding misinformed doctors and lay people, the benefits of the use of AAS in older men, and anything else I could find.

I haven't started my research yet but if anyone has ever read anything that you found very informative or that you would think would help me, I would really appreciate if you can send me in the right direction.
Thank you!

(should I post this in the Steroid forum?)


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Thank you so much.


Consider the different effects that legalization would have compared to decriminalization.

Certain drugs are simply too complex for the average person to be able to walk into a store, make a purchase, start injecting safely.

JMO of course. Something to think about, that's all


You are absolutely correct and I did not intend to argue that they should be OTC


I agree.

The only "legalization" situation I could ever see is doctors writing scripts for "low testosterone" more casually.

Education of the public and of doctors in the area of hormones are severely lacking.

Many endocrinologists are barely as knowledgeable, or less so compared to many 20-something year old "bro chemists"

Its an embarrassment to the medical community. I know that many people think they "know" more than doctors because they can use the internet, but in our case its not much of an exaggeration.

Hell I had to "coach" a doctor the other day, he was not prescribing my girl the correct medicine.
She had no fever, a very bad sore throat, very red at the back of throat, no cough, heavy, discolored drainage but limited congestion, and had been sick for almost 4 days.

She went without me a few days ago and got sent home with some mucinex DM, high dose ibuprofen, and sudafed or some shit.

Its clearly an infection, and its CLEARLY bacterial

I go back with her, and he wants to give her fucking tamiflu, an antiviral.
I was pissed, I said, Azithromycin, should I spell it for you ? Write the script.

Im not even well versed in medicine and I can identify OBVIOUS bacterial versus viral infections. Fucking ridiculous. I realize its tricky in many cases, but sinus infections are pretty clear in this case, the key symptoms fit like a textbook answer.

1 day on the antibiotics and shes practically better.