Steroid Recovery

It has been 10 weeks since i finished my 8 week cycle of sustanon 250, for pct i unforunatly used an hcg ( which i know now is wrong ). It was my first cycle, and got good result. 10 weeks later, I have mainstain all the strength and have not lost a pound. My only problem is, My testes’s have not gone back to the size they were before i had started.

I knew the test would obviously atrophy them but i figured after 10 weeks they would have gone back to normal. I feel great, Im not tired or lazy or am easily fatigued. Is this something to worry about or will it just take more time for them to get back to normal. I put in a rediculous amount of research on this but clearly did something wrong, hit me back!

Give us more info on the hCG. How much? How often? How long?

Don’t go and try this right off the bat without hearing other opinions but I think a few weeks of Nolvadex may help a bit and probably wouldn’t hurt.

Try some Toromifene for e few weeks. You’ll be swinging low in no time,lol!

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He didn’t quantify the shrinkage. I was thinking the same thing - that he was damn lucky to have recovered so well after a sust cycle (presumably of 500+ mg/w). A bit strange about the atrophy given all other aspects being good.

How’s the libido? Any change in sperm quantity/consistency? Is it an issue with your significant other?