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Steroid Reading

Earlier I was looking around for some classics that everyone here I am sure has heard of, and either had a hardass time finding them or when I did find them they were costing upwards of $100. The books I was looking into were the Underground Steroid Handbook and the Anabolic Reference Guide.

Am I just looking in the wrong places or is this the norm?

You can download a copy of Anabolics 2006 from mininova.org, if you’re familiar with Bittorrent.

Well if the info is that valuable and hard to get, I’d pay over $100 for it.

Both those books are out of print, which is why they are so goddamn hard to find. Specially because they are underground books and not mainstream commercial publications.

However, I did find an Underground Steroid Handbook II by Duchaine available in downloadable format for $24.95 here:


Fucked if I’d know where to find the original prints, though. You may just have to spend the $100 if you really want copies of those.

Go to Amazon.com and buy’em used they are pretty reasonable and yes even E-bay why buy them new