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Steroid Question


I am planning to run a test e cycle, more about that later.

My current stats. 5'9"/162lbs/9%bf(29-30" waist)/15yrs

An athletic scholarship is the only way for me to got to collage because financial reason (more complicated then that I can't afford it). I know how immoral this is, I have nothing to justify myself.

Anyway, I started gymnastics when I was 4 and I have been playing a lot of different sports and I have been working out at least 4 days a week since then. But I started lifting free weights, instead of just body weights and limited resistance training, a couple of years ago.

I am a good athlete naturally. I can do a lot of flips. I have a 4.5 40 yard dash (hand timed so more like 4.7-8). I ran 11.6 after my first season of track last year.

I have been stuck around 160lbs for 3months now, I believe that I have been working out for a good while (11yrs) and the stress on joints/ligaments to strengthen them enough to handle the excess stress from steroids, can't prove it until after I guess.

Anyway so my plan for the cycle is
Week 1-12: 500mg test e (250 twice a week, sunday + wednsday)
Week 3-14: 500mg HCG (250 day after taking test e, monday + thursday,continuing until 3 days before PCT)
Week 15 PCT Aromasin 12.5mg EOD/Nolva 20 Daily/Clomid 100 Daily
Week 16 PCT Aromasin 12.5mg EOD/Nolva 20 Daily/Clomid 100 Daily
Week 17 PCT Aromasin 6.25mg EOD/Nolva 10 Daily/Clomid 50 Daily
Week 18 PCT Aromasin 6.25mg EOD/Nolva 10 Daily/Clomid 50 Daily

.25mg EOD; if nipples get sore or sensitive .25mgED; if still sore or sensitive .5mg EOD; still sensitive up to .5mgED (unsure how often, can't find consistent answers).

Found that I could limit HCG week 8-14, which would be quite a bit cheaper.

Might take another cycle 18weeks after this, but shorter, so I can recover from that in time to do this all again.

I am taller then both my parents, so I am not worried of my growth plates closing.

My plan for my diet is 3300kcals, with 200g protein. Absolutley NO cheat meals until after the PCT. MY TDEE is 3036kcal and I am adding extra 300 because i need even more food then normal to build more muscle (300 is just a guess, havent found multiple sources saying the same thing)

I am planning to start the cycle in January and run it trough marsh. PCT trough april. Where the season starts in late march and "playoffs" are at the end of may/early july (made league finals as a freshmen). Because according to my research it takes 3 weeks for test e to leave your system, and there is probably a higher risk for drug test during the end of the season (IDK id they do them, but it makes sense in my mind).

What kind of gains will i gain from 4HIIT workouts+2 jumping practices and 3 TM workouts a week? 15 lbs or leanmass and being a dead giveaway, or could I change my diet/training to gain mostly strength?

How much could I expect from it? a 1 sec drop of my 100m? or more like a .4 (that still would be huge)

But what I want to know, how bad are the mental sides? Some say it will be a 180 turn in personality, while some others says the personality change is minimal (probably assuming the person taking them are like twice as old. Because then is when the body is developed enough to handle steroids). How bad is the depression after the cycle? Should I use some natural test booster, should I get some anti-depressants, or just push trough it?

I am going start putting money aside so I might be able to afford test replacement therapy and rehab later in life to have get of steroids (I am probably going to get addicted real bad).

Please don't try and convince me to not do it. I just really made this to know what to expect.

Please leave feedback about the cycle/PCR/training/diet.

Keep the hate down please. Again, I already know why I shouldn't take them.


If your trying to get stronger and bigger I’d start by eating way more calories or else you’ll see little effects, I’m unsure on the athletic side of things as I’ve only ever lifted weights but id say a solid 10-15 pounds (on more calories)

As for depression after cycle, don’t worry about that you should be fine i think most guys get it from not feeling as strong and not gaining as quick, if you do it properly you shouldn’t lose much strength or mass, just sucks to be normal again aha


I hope you are just trolling. At 15 most guys won’t put on much muscle no matter how hard they train, just in the same way most guys this age can’t grow a full beard. 16-24 most guys can put on considerable muscle and strength, naturally. Hell you still put on body mass at least until 25 without any weight training. Starting now really is jumping the gun, and doing yourself a disservice, with no guarantees of even short term gain. What happens if you start taking gear and fail to get a college scholarship?

This shit can not only effect your fertility, but you can lose your ability to get a boner, and also lose your libido even if you can still get a boner. That’s not something I would wish upon anyone, let alone a young man with so much to experience before you.

For Christ’s sake at least let yourself reach full maturity before fucking around with hormones. You don’t want to regret it for the rest of your life, that you couldn’t hold out for at least another 3 years(if not more).
Focus on lifting technique, sports specific technique. If you don’t develop these first a bunch of steroids aren’t going to take you very far in the short or long term. Weights even without roids can make guys slow and sluggish, so you need to maintain flexibility and speed drills as well.

At 15 the most talented athletes that eventually go on to be world class haven’t come anywhere near their potential, probably not even 50% of the journey. If you were 21 and still feeling the same way, sure jump on the gear and see where it takes you.


[quote]justaname1234456 wrote:

I have been stuck around 160lbs for 3months now,
Out of all the fucking gibberish you wrote, this the root of the problem with a ridiculously simple solution. You’re not eating enough. Eat more.


You are still in puberty. Do not fuck this up with drugs. Eating more will go a looong way for you right now.


Also affects how your brain and personality matures.

When you get found out, you get kicked off the teams and loose your scholarship.